Destiny: The Taken King Festival of the Lost Mask Checklist and Guide

Destiny: The Taken King has just added a new Halloween event called the Festival of the Lost.  You can participate in this event for free, and you can get even more items buy using micros transactions – but it is not required!  Bungie has completely transformed the Tower, by adding candles, new currencies, and even some of your favorite characters have dressed up for the occasion. After the break I have compiled a short list of the Festival of the Lost Masks.

If you have more questions be sure to check out Bungie’s website.


If you are anything like me, the thought of collecting something is exciting. Bungie has added 16 masks that are available to collect during the Festival of the Lost.  Here are some quick guidelines to this Halloween event.

  • Eva Levante will start the event for your character by giving you a Treasure of the Lost bag.
  • Treasure of the Lost bags are guaranteed to have a Legendary mask and some random items.
  • You can buy more Treasures of the Lost bags from Tess Everis at the Eververse Trading Company in packs of 1, 3 or 6 (these cost Silver).
  • Eva Levante will give you a Gift of the Lost, containing Rare masks just for collecting candy.
  • Fill candy bags, by killing enemies while wearing a mask.  You need 150 pieces of candy to fill a bag.
  • I found the best way was to play a game of Rift, I usually filled a bag in one game, be sure to stand near allies when they kill enemies as you get candy for this in addition to kills and assists.
  • Rare masks will disappear from your inventory at the end of the event, while Legendary masks will stay forever.
  • You can upgrade a Rare mask with Paper Glue – an item found in the Treasure of the Lost bags.

You don’t need to spend any money to collect the 16 masks, however, you may need to buy some Treasures of the Lost bags in order to obtain Paper Glue if you want to keep your masks forever.  Treasure of the Lost bags also have a chance to drop a special 17th mask, the Skull Mask.  The other 16 masks include:


  1. Rahool
  2. Exotic Engram
  3. Xur
  4. Crota
  5. Rare Engram
  6. Skolas
  7. Atheon
  8. Legendary Engram
  9. Tiger
  10. Uncommon Engram
  11. Speaker
  12. Petra Venj
  13. Traveler
  14. Oryx
  15. Eris Morn
  16. Warden
  17. Skull Mask*

*Only obtained from Treasures of the Lost bags.


You have a random chance to get one of the masks each time you trade a bag of candy to Eva Levante.  Many of the masks have quests attached to them, which grant you another chance to get a mask.  The Festival of the Lost runs from October 26th to November 9th.

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