Destiny: The Taken King – King’s Fall Hard Mode Changes

Bungie has just updated Destiny: The Taken King with the Heroic Modifier for the King’s Fall raid.  Much of the raid remains unchanged, but there are some difficulty spikes thrown in to make the raid more challenging, and more rewarding.  Upon release the raid was beaten in 1 hour 17 minutes.  That is a Master Chief reference if I ever saw one.  After the break, I will go through the changes introduced in King’s Fall hard mode!

Although Bungie claimed that they built this raid as a hard mode raid first, the formula remains similar to it’s predecessors.  Bungie has stated that they built hard mode first and then removed elements in order to create normal mode.  Regardless of how they designed the raid, here are the changes from Normal to Heroic.

  1. Combat deaths are non revivable, similar to other Hard Mode raid encounters.
  2. All enemies are level 42.  Light level scales from 310 to 320 at Oryx.
  3. The middle platform at the Hive jumping ship puzzle has been removed.
  4. Major Knights spawn in in the Glyph room
  5. The Warpriest gains extra attacks depending on which pillar the Oculus consumes.  Left pillar = Taken Centurian axion darts.  Middle Pillar = Taken Hobgoblin tracking bolts.  Right pillar = Taken Captain blinding attack.
  6. Golgoroth spawns more poison orbs towards the Guardian with the gaze.  While standing in the Pool of Reclaimed light one person will receive a rebuff called Unstable Light.  This buff causes the player to explode, damaging all nearby players, but not damaging the player exploding.  With this debuff the player can damage Golgoroth while standing anywhere.
  7. During the fight with the Daughters, the second timer starts immediately after the first timer runs out.
  8. Oryx has added Light-Eater Knights that spawn as soon as you kill the Light-Bringer Orgres. The Knights spawn across from the Ogre and run directly towards the black balls and consume them.
  9. Gear drops throughout the raid are Harrowed versions.  They drop between 310-320.

That’s it.  The biggest difference is definitely the no revives.  Most of the raid can be completed at anywhere over 300 Light, except for Oryx.  Oryx really requires guardians to be at least 309 if not higher.  The adds do much more damage, so that if you are not paying attention or are not coordinated enough as a fire team, someone will die.  Death’s during any part of the raid are much more punishing.  Although I have completed Golgoroth with a man down during most of the fight, and with only 2 people left alive after we got the boss down to a sliver.

Spoon Deep Gaming will go over tips and strategies for the individual bosses throughout the week.  But for now get a fire team together and go get Oryx.

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