Xur returns to Destiny: The Taken King for Friday, October 23, 2015

Xur has returned to Destiny: The Taken King for October 23, 2015.  Xur is currently located in the bar area below the Future War Cult and near the new emote kiosk.  This week Xur is selling exotic chest engrams, something new from the masked salesman. Today is Xurday and it feels like Christmans, although for many of us Xur is the shadow of Saint Nick or Krampus.

Xur is great way to boost your light level as everything he sells comes at 280 Armor or Attack.  Be sure to buy something that fits your class and play style as strange coins are valuable.  Remember he will always be back next week.  This week he is sitting in the bar area and sells the following gear:


Empryean Bellicose

  • Titan Helmet
  • 34 Intellect // 33 Discipline
  • Aiming weapons while airborne holds you in place.  With full super, Orbs recharge melee.
  • 13 Strange Coins

Mask of the Third Man

  • Hunter Helmet
  • 32 Intellect // 32 Strength
  • Arc Blade attacks use less Super Energy
  • 13 Strange Coins

Skull of Dire Ahamkara

  • Warlock Helmet
  • 64 Strength
  • Take reduced damage while using Nova Bomb. Improved Siphon abilities.
  • 13 Strange Coins

Note that the Skull of Dire Ahamkara is a Year 1 Helmet that was previously unavailable from the Exotic Armor Kiosk.  It is unknown if this item is only available from Xur or will be added to the Kiosk in the future.


Xur is also selling his Curios.

Exotic Engram

  • Body Armor Engram
  • 19 Strange Coins
  • Exotic engrams decrypt into 290 Defense Chest Armor pieces and are more likely to decrypt to a piece of armor usable by the class decrypting it.  If you decrypt as a Titan or Warlock you will get Crest of Alpha Lupi (usually).

Emerald Coil – 23 Strange Coins

Void Drive – 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Synthesis – 1 Strange Coin

Three of Coins (5) – 7 Strange Coins

Glass Needles – 3 Strange Coins/3 Motes of Light/1 Exotic Shard

Good Luck with the Hard Mode Raid tonight Guardians, remember it drops at 1pm EDT and the defending champions King Gothalion, Professor Broman, Tearex, Falling Cow, Rebelize, and Charionna will be streaming the antics on Twitch if you are still under leveled for Hard Mode.

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