Destiny: The Taken King Hard Mode Raid Changes

With the Hard Mode version of King’s Fall set to drop in Destiny: The Taken King tomorrow (Friday, October 23 @ 1pm EDT).  Bungie has already revealed that loot drops will be between 310-320, so there is a lot to be excited for.  If you were one of those guardians stuck at 309, be prepared to jump past 310 towards 311 and beyond.  There are still a lot of unknowns in regards to the raid.  Will we get double loot drops?  Will enemies be more difficult?  Will there be extra bosses?  In any case, the only thing that we do know are the changes made to the past versions of the raid.  Read on to look at the changes between the normal and hard mode versions of Vault of Glass and Crota’s End.


Vault of Glass

There were very changes between Vault of Glass normal and hard mode.  Enemy level and respawns highlight the changes.

  1. All enemies are now level 30 (compared to normal mode’s 26)
  2. Respawns are not allowed, until the team clears a section or the team wipes.
  3. Gorgon’s Labyrinth contains more Gorgons
  4. Detainment shields appear during the Atheon fight


Crota’s End

There were only a few more changes between normal and hard mode, but hard mode was considerably harder especially if you were under leveled.

  1. All enemies are now level 33 (compared to normal mode’s range of 30-32)
  2. Respawns are not allowed
  3. Thralls will not flinch anywhere in the Raid
  4. Cursed Thralls, Orgres, and many Knights are now Majors (yellow bar enemies).
  5. Third shrieker has been added to hallway before Ir Yut
  6. There is no Chalice during the final fight with Crota
  7. A Wizard Major spawns in place of the Sword Knight that would jump from the side ledges onto the platform where Crota stands.
  8. Gatekeeper Knights now spawn in different locations
  9. The enrage timer for Crota appears to have been shortened.

King’s Fall

What can we take away from this?  Well most likely the Light level of all of the enemies will likely go up to 320 at least.  The enemies in normal mode are already level 42, but because of the changes to the level system they are likely to stay at 42.  Respawns will definitely not be allowed.  There will be more Majors.  Even those this Raid included quite a few majors already, prepare to see more.  History shows us that there have not been very many mechanical changes to the Raid’s.  The only place I would expect something different would be during the Oryx fight.  Good luck tomorrow Guardians! and may RNGesus bless you.

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