How to Get to 310 Light Level in Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King completely overhauled the light level system in Year 2.  The maximum light level is now 310, and the path to get there is much different than the path to get to light level 34 in Year 1.  The big difference is that the light level now takes an average of all your light across armor, weapons, and even ghost shells.  This means that in order to get to 310 you must obtain 310 versions of every piece of gear and every weapon.  Here are the best places to do it.

The Kings Fall Raid

The first and best place to obtain a 310 piece of gear is from the King’s Fall raid on normal difficulty.  However, the drop rates are pretty low.  I have only received one piece of 310 gear from 9 different raids.  However, I have also received two 310 exotics, but I count those in a different category.  Any piece of legendary gear that you get from the raid will be at least 300.  But has a chance to be a maximum of 310.  I have received drops at 309, 308, and lots of drops at 300.  Your best bet is to keep running the raid in order to keep getting drops.

Here is a visual loot table for the drops throughout the raid.  If an exotic engram has a IX in the corner, that refers to the Three of Coins usage.


Exotic Engrams

The next best place to get 310 gear is from exotic engrams.  This method is much more reliable than hoping for a random drop during the raid.  When your character is above 300 light you have a chance to obtain 310 gear from exotic engrams.  You also have a chance to obtain 290 gear, but the ratio seems to be about 50/50.  You can then use these pieces of gear to infuse your other legendaries and get them up to 310. You can get exotic engrams directly from Xur, or from drops after killing Ultras when using the Three of Coins.  Exotics also have a chance to drop from the King’s Fall raid and may drop at either 290 or 310.  Because there are currently no exotic boot engrams in the game, this means that a 310 pair of boots is a very valuable drop in the raid. 

Exotic Quests

The final place to get 310 gear is from Exotic Quests.  There are currently 4 exotic quests that grant 310 weapons.  The quest, Hunger Pangs, unlocks the Touch of Malice.  This weapon is a primary scout rifle, with some very unique perks.  The other 3 exotic quests are all related to the exotic heavy swords, Dark-Drinker, Raze-Lighter, and Bolt-Caster.  Both of these quests have multiple steps, but the weapons are well worth the effort.  Getting the Gunsmith to Rank 5 also unlocks a quest chain for the exotic hand cannon, The First Curse, but it is currently unknown what light level it drops at. Finally, you can receive 310 artifact for your character after completing the Road to King’s Fall quest from Eris.  This quest is unlocked after you complete the Taken War: Earth, The Taken War: Venus, and The Taken War: Mars.


The best way to get 310 pieces of gear is from exotic engrams and then infusing them into your favorite legendaries.  Or you can just get lucky in the raid, but that may take some time.  You can only get 310 versions of boots, ghost shells, and class items from the raid. Hopefully Xur will sell some good engrams this weekend.

2 thoughts on “How to Get to 310 Light Level in Destiny: The Taken King

    1. Unfortunately, you can not get to 310 Light without all 310 gear. Destiny takes an average of all the gear that you are wearing and does not round up, so any piece of 309 gear will keep you at 309. But with Hard Mode coming out later today we will now be trying to get 320!

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