Top 5 Iron Banner Strategies for Destiny: The Taken King

The Iron Banner will soon embrace Destiny: The Taken King.  Lord Saladin returns to the Tower on October 13th, but before you jump headfirst into this extra competitive game mode there are a few tips and tricks that will level up your game.  We all know that the best way to play Iron Banner is with a full team of 6 guardians.  However, real life can make this difficult and you may find yourself playing alone in the Iron Banner.  In either case these 5 tips will help you achieve Lord Saladin’s favor.

TIP #1: Stay Close to Corners

This tip is one thing that can make your game much better.  Too often guardians run straight through the middle of the map.  If you start getting shot in the middle of the map, you don’t have anywhere to escape to.  You will survive more encounters if you have an escape plan.  When running around the map, you can stay close to the corners and look for your target.  If you start getting shot you have a quick escape plan before you make your next move.

Tip #2: Maximize your Light Level

Iron Banner takes player level into account.  That means that if you are a higher level than your opponent, you will do more damage to them.  The Taken King introduced a new kind of light level, so we are unsure of how much impact level difference will have.  But you can only benefit from increasing your overall light level.

Tip #3: Control the Map

Iron Banner has typically been Control.  So we are assuming that tomorrow’s offering will also be Control.  In order to win this mode you must be sure not to over-extend.  Capture two points and defend them.  If you run towards the third uncaptured point, you can bet that there will be multiple enemies waiting for you.  It is in your benefit to wait for the enemy to come to you.  Stay and defend those points Guardians!

Tip #4: Wait for Heavy Ammo

It can be very exciting to grab the Heavy ammo and wreck havoc among the opposing team.  WAIT! The whole point of Iron Banner is to win games.  If you wait for the rest of your team to get to the heavy with you, then more people will have heavy ammo and more of the enemy team will die.  It can be best to look around and see if a teammate is close, if so just wait to pick up it so you can both enjoy the increased firepower.

Tip #5: Do Lord Saladin’s Bounties

Whether or not you win or lose, you can still do the bounties.  Check out this list for all of the possible bounties.  These bounties have less to do with winning and more to do with things like precision kills, heavy weapons, or being in the top three on your team.  Completing both the weekly bounties and daily bounties are a great way to earn some extra gear.


I don’t know why I am telling you some of my secrets to success in the Crucible, hopefully you won’t use these tips against me.  Stay Close to Corners.  Maximize your Light Level.  Control the Map.  Wait for Heavy Ammo.  Do Lord Saladin’s Bounties.  Enjoy the Iron Banner when it drops tomorrow!

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