Top 5 Best Guns for Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris (What to spend your Legendary Marks on!)

With the news of the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris returning to Destiny: The Taken King, you need to prepare yourself by spending Legendary Marks on the best guns the Vanguard offers.  This list of the top 5 best guns to take into the Crucible will help you dominate your opponents and prepare for the challenge ahead!

#1: Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord is a pulse rifle available from the Vanguard Quartermaster.  It comes with perks for Full Auto, Headseeker: which increases precision damage for a short time, and some pretty good stability perks.  The Apple of Discord is a Hakke brand pulse rifle, which means it fires a fourth shot during each of it’s bursts.  Overall the gun has great rate of fire, average impact, and good stability.  Couple that with quick reload times and this gun will get you out of many jams in the Crucible.

First Alternate: Hawksaw – this SUROS brand pulse rifle is sold from the Crucible Quartermaster and has slightly worse stats and perks than the Apple of Discord, but the colors are much better.

#2: 1000-Yard Stare

The 1000-Yard Stare is already a popular choice among players, and the fact that you can receive it from The Taken War Quests makes it even easier to obtain.  The Vanguard Quartermaster sells one with Triple Tap and Mulligan, but try to find one with Hidden Hand.  It also comes with the Ambush Scope which works great in the close quarters arenas of the Crucible and Trials of Osiris playlists.  This sniper rifle has great impact and may be useful for getting those quick revive kills.

First Alternate: Havoc Pigeon – This Side Arm is one of the best guns around.  Side arms have not really found their place in the Crucible yet, but this gun makes a great effort. With Crowd Control and Feeding Frenzy, the Crucible Quartermaster version really wants some kills.  This gun is also great in PVE.

#3: Burden of Proof XI

New Monarchy sells the Burden of Proof XI.  This gun has my lowest recommendation of the 5, but it is one of the best New Monarchy guns available. The vender version has Rifled Barrel for increased range and Full Auto perks.  This will be a great choice for close quarters maps, just try not to run out of ammo.  Otherwise this gun has a high rate of fire, but low impact so it might take two shots to kill opposing Guardians in the Crucible.

First Alternate: Conspiracy Theory-D – This shotgun can be obtained from the Vanguard Quartermaster and from the Taken War quest line.  It has much higher impact but fires a lot slower, so this choice comes down to personal preference.

#4: Hung Jury SR4

Dead Orbit sells this scout rifle.  The stats are among the best I have seen on any scout rifle in the game, which highest in class Range, Stability, and Reload Speed.  Rate of Fire and Impact are comparable to other scout rifles.  With Firefly this gun is also viable in any PVE arena.  Scout Rifles and Pulse Rifles remain in a great place following patch 2.0.1 so take advantage of them.

First Alternate: Not Like the Others – This scout rifle has slightly worse base stats, but can be found with some great perks.  Also I dislike the look and feel of Omolon brand guns, so Hakke comes through with a comparable Scout Rifle.

#5: The Vertigo

Future War Cult comes through with the best Rocket Launcher around.  This gun has the old favorite Grenades and Horseshoes perk, along with Javelin for increased velocity.  The base stats are great as well, with huge blast radius and quick reload speed. This gun with be a great addition on any Trials of Osiris squad.

First Alternate: Ruin Wake – this Machine Gun has Hidden Hand and Life Support.  Along with great stability, impact, and rate of fire stats.  I tend to favor the slower firing, high impact machine guns in the Crucible because the time to kill is so short anyway.


I gave you 5 guns that will outperform others in the Crucible, Apple of Discord and 1000-Yard Stare rom the Vanguard Quartermaster, Burden of Proof XI from New Monarchy, Hung Jury SR4 from Dead Orbit and The Vertigo from Future War Cult.  Gather those Legendary Marks and I’ll see you in the Iron Banner.

Iron Banner returns on October 13

Trials of Osiris returns on October 16

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