Xur has arrived in Destiny: The Taken King – October 2-4, 2015

Xur has arrived in the Tower for the third week of Destiny: The Taken King.  Xur is currently located to the right of the Speaker.  Xur comes and goes freely, his strange curios eagerly sought by adventurous Guardians.  This week Xur has another new exotic for sale and is also selling two different exotic engrams.

For the week of October 2-4, 2015 Xur will be located to the left of the Speaker in the Tower.  He has  5 pieces of exotic gear available.

First is the Heavy Weapon Legacy Engram for 31 strange coins.

This engram could contain Year 1 versions of:

  • Gjallarhorn
  • Truth
  • Super Good Advice
  • Thunderlord
  • Dragon’s Breath

Next up Xur is selling Immolation Fists for the Titan for 13 strange coins.

  • Immolatino Fists have a roll of 32 intellect/ 27 strength.   With perks to boost intellect to 45 or boost strength to 50, not a bad roll.
  • The primary perk for these gauntlets is Accelerant, which unlocks the Sunbreaker’s Explosive Pyre for free.
  • They also have Rain Blows, for increased melee attack speed OR Impact Induction, for bonus grenade energy on melee hits
  • Hand Cannon Loader, for increased reload speed with Hand Cannons OR Shotgun Loader, for increased reload speed with Shotguns.

Xur is also selling Celestial Nighthawk for the Hunter for 13 strange coins

  • Celestial Nighthawk has a roll of 35 intellect/36 stregth.  With perks to boost intellect to 50 or strength to 51.
  • The primary perk is Big Game, which allows Golden Gun to fire one shot delivering 6x damage and Keyhole.
  • They also have Ashes to Assets, granting bonus Super energy on Grenade kills OR Second Thoughts, granting bonus Super energy from Special weapon kills on minions of the darkness
  • Finally they have Innervation, granting bonus grenade energy on Orb pickup

Xur is selling Heart of Praxic Fire for Warlocks for 13 strange coins.

  • The chest armor has a roll of 43 intellect/45 discipline with perks to boost intellect to 63 or discipline to 65
  • The primary perk is Praise the Sun, which further decreases all ability cool downs while Radiance is active and greatly increases Agility.
  • They also have Scout Rifle Ammo for increased scout Rifle ammo OR Shot Gun Amm for increased shotgun carrying capacity.
  • Finally they have Void Burn Defense, which reduces incoming Void Burn damage OR Solar Armor, granting increased Armor when using a Solar-based class.

Finally Xur is selling Exotic Helmet Engrams for 19 strange coins.  These can be decrypted into one of 13 options

  • Celestial Nighthawk
  • Graviton Forfeit
  • Knucklehead Radar
  • Mask of the Third Man
  • Skyburners Annex
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort
  • Empyrean Bellicose
  • Helm of Inmost Light
  • Helm of Saint-14
  • The Taikonaut
  • Obsidian Mind
  • Light Beyond Nemesis
  • The Stag

Xur is also selling vehicle upgrades for 23 strange coins, 3 Heavy Ammo Synth for 1 strange coin, and 5 Three of Coins for 7 strange coins.

He will also exchange strange coins for Motes of Light at a ratio of 2:1.

Gather up those strange coins Guardians!

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