Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get the Black Spindle exotic gun, the real new Black Hammer

Destiny: The Taken King has revealed another one of it’s great secrets in the form of the exotic gun The Black Spindle, the real successor to The Black Hammer.  The Black Spindle is a great sniper rifle, and a worthy successor to The Black Hammer.  In some of my posts I often compared the Black Hammer to an unofficial exotic because of the unique perks that it had.  Unfortunately the Black Hammer was hit with a nerf prior to the release of The Taken King and the adjustment appeared to have also impacted the Black Spindle.  Nevertheless, you should be trying to get the Black Spindle and can read on to find out more!

I recently wrote an article comparing the exotic sniper rifle Hereafter.  This is most definitely not the case, as the Black Spindle is almost an exact copy of the Black Hammer.  Check out the perks below.

The Black Spindle

Spindle Perks

You can do a quick comparison to the perks on the Black Hammer.  The only thing that is missing is the Hive Disrupter perk.  How about a Taken Disrupter perk for the Black Spindle?  That would make this gun a permanent fixture in my raid rotation!

The Black Hammer

The White Nail perk still shines on both guns.  Rapidly landing three precision shots will refill the magazine from your reserves.  Taking ammo from your reserves is not as good as magically creating ammo out of thin air, but we’ll take it.  This perk is beyond great in PVE but the impact and great stability, paired with the low zoom Ambush scope make this gun very viable in the Crucible.

The Black Spindle continues the trend set in The Taken King of removing some of the randomness from obtaining the exotic weapons.  The Black Spindle can only be obtained by completing a specific mission when it is featured as the Daily Heroic Story mission.  You must complete the mission Lost to Light, when it is featured as the Daily Heroic. Which was confirmed to be in the rotation at an increased rate thanks to this tweet by Bungie designer Rob Engeln.

Bungie Tweet

After you enter the mission you can make your may normally through the mission.  However, you must be quick and arrive at the door that leads to Taniks Ketch from the strike mission The Shadow Thief. The door to the ketch closes after a set amount of time, so go quickly.  Once you arrive on the ketch, you have ten minutes to clear the entire ship of fallen.  The mission continues with a boss fight against Driviks, a Taken Fallen Ultra.  While in the boss room, blights will continue to spawn and summon more enemies.  My advice is to focus damage on Driviks, using a heavy sword makes him fall quickly and gives you bonus armor.  Once Driviks falls, you must clear the room of the rest of the taken before the time runs out.  After the room is clear you will receive the Black Spindle! Enjoy!

Did you receive the Black Spindle during it’s first run or are you waiting for this mission to reappear as the Daily Heroic?

What will be the next exotic gun to be discovered?

Happy hunting Guardians!

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