Destiny: The Taken King! How to Run King’s Fall Raid Oryx Tips and Tricks

Destiny: The Taken King has been out for seven days and people are already looking for tips on how to defeat Oryx: The Taken King during the King’s Fall raid.  Well look no further than this post.  My raid team and I have spent countless hours wiping and dying, but through the experience we have learned exactly how to execute this extremely technical fight.  This fight is extremely technical and requires a lot of communication between the your group.  Nevertheless, reading guides like this one will make you more aware of the fight mechanics and will help you learn your role while you take down the taken king.



  • This fight takes place in the same arena as the Deathsingers, Ir Anuk and Ir Halak.  It also uses some of the same mechanics of that fight, so being familiar with the layout of the map will help you.
  • Spawn Oryx by running towards the white orb at the edge of the platform, you don’t need to be super close to the orb so don’t accidentally run off the edge.
  • Adds will spawn from the corners of the map and knights will spawn on top of the four platforms, make sure to take them out quickly.
  • Oryx will then move to one of the platforms and slam his hand down.  This starts the same mechanic that occurred during the Deathsingers fight.
  • At this point designate one player to each of the four platforms, one player to be the relic jumper,  and the last player to be a floating support player.


  • The Relic guy will start by jumping up to get the orb left behind after Oryx slams his fist down.  He will then jump around the other platforms, collecting the orbs, until the final platform and final orb.
  •  It is important to call out when you collect the final orb so that your teammates can get off of the platforms and move towards the center.
  • Once you have the relic a knight will spawn from the Hive tomb ship.  It is your job to slam the relic on him to steal his bubble, the Aura of Immortality.  You can not be wounded while in the bubble.
  • Once you get the bubble, run to the middle so the rest of your team can meet you can be safe from all damage.


  • Everyone needs to be assigned to one of the platforms, stand near them but not on them.
  • After Oryx slams his fist down the relic runner will jump up and grab the orb.  The platform holder assigned to that platform then jumps up in order to hold the platform and spawn part of the jumping puzzle.
  • The next person in a counter-clockwise direction then jumps on the platform.
  • Do this for all four platforms, continuing in a counter-clockwise direction.  It is vital that you stay on your platform until the runner has the relic.  Communicate with your teammates about when you have activated the platform, if you go early the relic runner will not be able to collect all the orbs.
  • As you jump on your platform, a Lightbringer Orge will spawn.  It will be your job to defeat the Ogre quickly.  The Ogre spawns are staggered making it easy for the support player to help kill each one as they spawn.  I found the best strategy to use a grenade as soon as the Ogre spawns and then shoot him with a sniper rifle or fusion rifle to stagger him.
  • The Lightbringer Ogre will drop black orbs where they die. These are bombs that will activate if you get close to them. Do not go near these yet, they are used in the next part.
  • After the Relic runner has the Aura of Immortality, you should be moving towards him so that the adds don’t kill you.


  • At this point everyone needs to shoot the Knight that gave us the Aura of Immortality.  If you do not kill the Knight he will despawn the black orbs that dropped from the Ogres.
  • After the knight is dead, focus on Oryx.  The adds will not be able to damage you while inside the bubble.  Kill some if you have time.
  • Oryx will slam his fist on the same platform again.  Once he does this his chest will open up and you need to damage him quickly to stop his auto kill attack.  Our team found the best strategy to be running up to the platform he just slammed and shooting him with a Golden Gun.
    • We struggled with this initially, but eventually noticed that shortly after his chest opens he spawns a black orb.  If you shoot the black orb it explodes and then a bigger black orb appears in his chest.  This black orb in his chest is what you need to shoot, as you shoot it grows until Oryx is stagger.  We saved our Golden Gun until the black orb was inside his chest and then shot him, to stagger him instantly.
  • Once Oryx is staggered everyone runs to their original platform and stands inside the black orbs that dropped from the light bringer Ogre.  It takes a few seconds to activate the bombs, but you will know its activated when your name appears as a notification in the bottom left of the screen.  It will say “YOUR NAME HAS RECLAIMED THE LIGHT”
  • Once activated run back to the Aura of Immortality.  The relic holder should stay in the center of the map so everyone can reach him quickly.  While everyone is activating the bombs, the relic runner and support player should be killing adds/shooting Oryx, the adds can kill the bomb activators if they are not dealt with quickly.
  • These bombs are the main form of damage to Oryx, it is important to activate all four of them each round.  Our team found it helpful to activate the bombs at roughly the same time, because if they explode they will kill anyone outside the Aura of Immortality.

This is the main mechanic of the fight and how you damage him.  Each round he will pick a different platform to slam his fist on.  This the platform that the relic runner starts on, and then the platform holders activate the rest of them in a counter clockwise motion.  In between the rounds different things will happen depending on the level of health that Oryx has.


  • If Oryx has more than 50% health he will spawn bombs at your location around the map.  The best strategy is to run in circles constantly to avoid the bombs explosion.  Each platform holder ran around his platform until the bombs stopped.  We were able to run two people around one platform, just be careful to run as closely together as possible or the person in the back will be damaged.  The 6th player run up and down the middle, he took some damage at the turns but was able to survive.


  • If Oryx has less than 50% health he will force you fight a Shade of Oryx.
  • He will spawn a large black arena at the front of the map and teleport players inside the arena one by one, in a random order.
  • If you are teleported inside, you will need to shoot the Shade as much as possible.  He hides in the mist and rotates around.  Look closely and you can see which way he rotates, left or right.
  • The Shade will move towards you and swing his sword, avoid this at all costs.
  • Also your health does not regenerate while you are inside the arena.
  • Our team popped Weapons of Light inside the arena as soon as the Titan was teleported in.  Our Warlock used the Storm Caller super in order to better highlight where the shade was, it also does great damage.
  • If you are waiting to get teleported inside the arena, thralls will spawn in the corners of the map and need to be killed.  If you do not kill the thralls they will walk inside the arena and begin to attack the players inside.  It is just easier to kill them before they enter.


  • If Oryx has less than 1% health remaining, he will return to the start of the map.  He will open up his chest and begin to channel his auto kill attack.  Shoot him with everything you have.  You need to do enough damage to kill him before he kills you.
  • Congrats you defeated Oryx!

This raid is extremely fun and highly challenging.  It is important that everyone knows their role and executes.  Nothing is especially hard gunplay wise.  The enemies go down quickly and you can easily survive in the Aura of Immortality.  The difficult part is keeping a cool head and getting the timing of key sequences down.  Jumping on platforms out of turn, leaving platforms early, and forgetting where Oryx was cost us the win multiple times.  Learn from your mistakes, it might take a few tries, but the rewards are well worth it.

Throughout the entire raid, I received the Ghost Shell, Class Item, Heavy Machine Gun, and Hand Cannon.  The rest of my raid team received a chest piece, boots, the scout rifle, sniper rifle, auto rifle, and I think someone got a helmet.

Special thanks to MangosMD, Dupie1814, LETMEWIN1234, xLinGau, and mthompson10.  Great raiding guys!

The guys and I pose after a glorious victory over Golgoroth
The guys and I pose after a glorious victory over Golgoroth

Did you kill Oryx?  How long did it take your team?  Will you be running the raid again tonight?  Let me know in the comments.

Good luck Guardians!

One thought on “Destiny: The Taken King! How to Run King’s Fall Raid Oryx Tips and Tricks

  1. I did kill Oryx! Twice!

    Let’s see, it took us multiple play sessions over the course of two days the first time around, but only three tries last night, with a total raid time of 2:10 (that included several dog/children/snack breaks).

    As for tonight, well, I don’t think Mangos will be stepping foot in the raid again, mostly due to the fact that he only has one character above light-level 150 right meow. In fact, I’m thinking of dropping my lowly Titan for yet another Warlock, because life’s just easier that way.

    Easily one of the top two raid groups we’ve ever run with, the other also including LETMEWIN12345 and fellow spoon-favorite A daddy gerbil.

    Is a comment still a comment if it’s written by a spoon?

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