All Destiny: The Taken King Exotics Revealed: Titan Chest Armor – Twilight Garrison

The Destiny: The Taken King exotics will be available soon, including a new Titan chest armor, Twilight Garrison!  The Taken King will be release in just over 12 hours!  Bungie has said the expansion will be released on September 15th at 1am PDT  this link will allow you to find out when the expansion will be released in your time zone.  There is still time left to preorder the expansion and gain access to the Suros and Vanguard Weapon packs, although I don’t think that these weapons will be game changers.  Read on to find out if Twilight Garrison has what it takes to be a game changer.

Twilight Garrison is one of many new exotics that the Titan class will have access to.  Take a look at some of the new exotics coming soon.

Titan Exotics

Titan Exotics 2

You should be familiar with the numbers now.  If not check out our previous exotic previews on Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Hunter Armor, and Warlock Armor.

The Titan can look forward to 9 brand new exotics pieces of gear.  3 of which are exotic class items that can only be obtained through faction quests with Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or Future War Cult.  The Titan will also have 12 returning exotics from Year 1 that will be boosted up to The Taken King’s maximum defense level of 280.  I would like to take this moment to give a special shoutout to The Taikonaut, because it looks like the coolest helmet in the game.

Of these new goodies, the Titan only gets one new chest armor, Twilight Garrison.

Twilight Garrison

The highlight of the primary perks belongs to Tactical Air Support.  Which will allow the Titan to dodge in the air. I’m not sure how this will work exactly, but it sounds like the Titan just got a blink jump.  Maybe not… But I will be using Tactical Air Support to try and dodge rockets and gun fire, and be all around annoying while playing in the crucible.

Twilight Selectable Perks 1

Twilight Selectable Perks 2

The Selectable Perks aren’t too exciting.  But I do like that they focus on Arc, Solar, and Void bonuses to armor.  This could be very useful in a number of situations.  Whether during a nightfall with specific burns or against a boss that does specific damage.  I do not see this bonus being very useful in the Crucible.  And it will be unlikely that I will spend much time reforging the armor for a specific elemental bonus.  I would be more concerned with boosting my discipline, intellect, or strength.  Depending on how the rest of my gear plays out.

Will you be using the Twilight Garrison because of it’s unique air evade?

Thank you for following along to this series on new TTK exotics, I’ve had a lot of fun writing them.  I will not be writing an article tomorrow because I will be playing the new expansion all day.  However, once a new exotic drops, you can be sure that I will post pictures and a review shortly.  I will also be writing up some new guides to the crucible modes, and guides to the Raid once it drops!  Happy Hunting!

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