All Destiny: The Taken King Exotics Revealed – Hereafter the new Black Hammer

September 23, 2015 UPDATE: THE BLACK SPINDLE DETAILED HERE!  This gun is a faithful recreation of The Black Hammer, and can only be obtained from the Lost to Light Daily Heroic Mission!


Destiny: The Taken King comes out next week, but in the meantime Bungie has treated us to update 2.0.0 and a wealth of new information about all the exotic weapons and armor in the new expansion.  With the new update, Bungie’s update the armory with all of the new exotic weapons and armor.  I will be covering one new piece of gear each day and looking at the impact it will have on gameplay.  CLICK HERE to look at the armory in full detail.  Bungie has wanted to make these weapons playable in the both the crucible and during raids and strikes.  We will all miss the impact that Black Hammer’s White Nail perk had on gameplay.  That gun was an honorary exotic and was one of my most used guns over the past nine months.  Bungie is looking to fill that void with a new exotic sniper rifle called Hereafter.

Exotic Special Weapons
Exotic Special Weapons

We have already covered some of the exotic weapons here on Spoon Deep Gaming.  You can find information on the Telesto, and The Chaperone HERE.

That leaves us with the new gun, Hereafter!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.49.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.49.51 AM

It is important to note that the Perfectionist perk only kicks in if you kill enemies with precision rounds.  So this perk might be useful for clearly trash quickly without spending ammo, but you will no longer be able to just pepper Fallen Walkers with an unlimited magazine sniper rifle.

However, we do not have to hit our precision shots quickly.  There is no more time limit, like Black Hammer had, just as long as you get a kill with every round in the magazine.

Other than that the Blinding Light perk could be useful in the Crucible.  Blinding enemies is always very nice.  Although I can also imagine some great raid potential depending on the encounter, but blinding enemies is never a bad thing.

This is the only new exotic sniper rifle with a maximum attack value of 280.  Although it is important to note that some of the exotic weapons have maximum attack values of 290 and  some of the heavy weapons have a maximum attack value of 310.  I expect these weapons to be attached to some kind of quest, similar to the Husk of the Pit – Necrochasm quest.  In any case a new attack value of 280 means say goodbye to everything that you are currently using.  The Year 1 maximum of 170 will be quickly outstripped and we may only remember our Gjallarhorns with fond memories.

We have yet to see how the infuse perk works, but I am assuming that we may be able to take some of the 290 or 310 weapons and use them to create new higher attack valued exotics.  Remember that Infuse is only available to Year 2 weapons.  Or this perk could be the new method to ascend weapons when new content is released.  What will happen to all my enteric light?

Overall, I really like the Hereafter sniper rifle.  With the departure of Ice Breaker and Patience & Time, the exotic sniper rifle void needs to be filled.  It remains to be seen if a primary weapon fills my exotic slot or if a Legendary sniper rifle has a perk similar to the Black Hammer.  But you can be sure that I will give Hereafter a spin.

Which exotic weapon are you looking forward to most?

Check back tomorrow for a look at some of the new Heavy Weapons!

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