Share a Spoon: Vanilla Destiny Crucible

Welcome to the newest segment on Spoon Deep Gaming: Share a Spoon.  We have always strived to make new friends while playing competitive games, even if things get a little heated.  Last night Spoon Deep Gaming shared spoons with a group of gamers in the Crucible and we kept playing with them game after game.  Although we never directly communicated with the opposing team, the Bungie servers thought fit for our teams to play against each other 4 times in a row.  And although Spoon Deep remained victorious in each of our encounters we greatly enjoyed the time we spent playing!

Check out the video from Rusted Lands when we all decided it was time to use our supers.  Read on to meet our opponents, Cranial Inversion!

I found the following information from a quick search. Their profile’s have been linked for easier stat checking. The players have been reached out to for additional information, such as favorite ice cream flavor and this post will be updated accordingly.

The highlight of the night came on Firebase Delphi, where the game of Salvage went to overtime and the Spoons emerged victorious after defending a final probe in the last seconds.  Not without an onslaught of team revives and grenades.  I have included some screenshots from that game to give some background to our matches.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.30.41 PM
Spoon Deep’s Stats!


The opposing team was valiant.  First up U Ninja1

Clearly one of the leaders of the group.  This Titan played Defender in most of the games.  A quick look at his Destiny profile shows that he has fully completed the Moments of Triumph in addition to having a level 34 Titan, Warlock and Hunter.  He is a member of Cranial Inversion and has a Grimoire of 3290!  Well done sir!  U Ninja must have received some of those Grimoire points from the 173 Raid clears he has over the course of his 3 characters. His best Kill/Death ratio comes on his Hunter with 1.37 over the course of 323 wins.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.30.56 PM
Cranial Inversion’s Stats!

Next up was EMT BROTHERS

With a very similar resume to U Ninja1, EMT BROTHERS played a Hunter during most of our games.  His play style was often talked about between myself and the other spoons, as we tried to avoid his blink shotgun and blade dancer abilities.  He too is a member of Cranial Inversion and best his teammates with a Grimoire score of 3435.  I’ve always hated Hunters, and EMT BROTHERS was no different, but his constant presence and ever ready shot gun made him a challenging opponent. EMT BROTHERS posts an impressive 1.23 Kill/Death ratio and 281 Crucible wins with his Hunter.

Finally we faced whiterussian47

Also a member of Cranial Inversion, whiterussian47 rounded out the group as the Warlock. He must really enjoy the Warlock class because of his two fully geared characters, along with another level 34 Titan.  He was enjoying the use of Red Death throughout our matches and was able to get place many of those shots on my body and perhaps face!  whiterussian47’s shining stat comes from his 640 Strike clears over his 3 characters during his Destiny career.  Keep it up!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.31.37 PM
Look at the Medals!

The Spoons

Our matches against the Cranial Inversion were great.  The Spoons were represented by prettyboyplaid as a Sunsinging Warlock, MangosMD as a Voidwalking Warlock, and Dupie1814 as a Bladedancing Hunter.  Well played everyone, we hope to see you on the next installment of Share a Spoon.

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