How to Prepare for Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Take King will be released on September 15th, 2015.  It seems like a lifetime ago that the last expansion was released.  House of Wolves did a lot of things that helped make the game more enjoyable, but it did not compare to the Dark Below in terms of content or fun.  To me, House of Wolves just cleaned up a lot of mess that was left hanging around, unnecessarily complicated additions and excessive grind.  Looking back at all these changes, what can we expect for the future?  Destiny: The Taken King again promises to be the best thing since sliced bread, just like the other two expansions, but should we keep our hype in check?

I owe a lot to Destiny.  Destiny brought the all the spoons together, in the same way that the House of Wolves tore us apart.  Destiny got me into playing video games at a high level again.  Something that had been missing in my life since Halo 2.  In a weird way Destiny even got me into PC gaming, at least with Blizzard’s catalogue.

The Taken King will be a departure from the Destiny that we are currently familiar with.  We are about to enter uncharted waters.  In Year One, it took me three months before I set foot in the Vault of Glass and I was playing everyday.  Now I intend to enter the new raid on the first day of its release.

I am still worried.  All three of my level 34 Guardians will be obsolete in two weeks.  I will need to go through story missions on each character in order to unlock their new subclasses and get them to level 40.  I will also need to grind to get every random drop, whether it be gun or piece of exotic armor.  Everything that I’ve worked for over the last year, will go away.  I will repeat the same process again with different rewards.

Good thing Destiny is fun.  And with the quality of life improvements that remove some of the grind, it will feel less like a full time job. The switch from character specific to account specific rewards is pleasing.

I have not played much Destiny in the last few months.  My hype level is very low.  Destiny is at its best when played with other people.  And even then exploring the PvE content has been the shining gem of the game, whereas the PvP is unbalanced at best.  Whereas StarCraft and Hearthstone, and even Heroes of the Storm to an extent, are much better played as an individual.

I hope Destiny: The Taken King gets me excited.  Right now the thought of more grind has me cringing. But it will be nice to be rid of the Final Round perk.

Are you hyped for The Taken King?  Why? Post in the comments.

Jake “prettyboy”

2 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Destiny: The Taken King

  1. I gave Destiny a pretty terrible review when it came out. This past weekend I got back on and haven’t stopped. The improvements have impressed me and made me actually want to play the game. Hope this expansion does the same.

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