Heroes of the Storm Leoric Build Guide

One of Heroes of the Storm’s newest characters, Leoric, is also one of the games most powerful and most popular to play.  Leoric is currently on his last day of free to play availability.  If you haven’t had a chance to try out this powerful hero, check out the build in order to reign supreme over the battlefield.

Leoric currently sees a lot of play among top players and professional play.  One of my biggest complaints about streams is that they never show players talent picks in detail.  Blizzard streams sometimes show a small box of talent picks as teams reach milestone levels. But some of the talents have the same icon! How am I supposed to know which talents the pros are picking?

In any case, I bought Leoric the day he was released and I have loved playing him even after his recent nerf.  Here is a breakdown of the talents I use during Quick Matches.

Tier 1



The first pick is an easy one.  Reanimation increases your health regeneration when picking up health globes.  This makes it easier to tank team fights and improves your chances of staying alive during the early game wave soak.  Leoric excels at taking out waves of minions, and this talent keeps you in the fight longer.  And if you happen to die, you can pick up health globes while dead to further decrease your respawn timer.

Tier 2


Hardened Bones

Wraith Walk is your get out of jail free card.  Whenever you get in a little bit of trouble, just use this ability and move into a better position.  This talent further reduces the damage you take while using the ability, so you are more likely to survive!

Tier 3


Ghastly Reach

This tier can go a few ways.  I like ghastly reach because Leoric is so good at clearing waves of minions and this just makes it even easier.  If your team is in a good position I like to clear one wave and then rotate to another lane and help clear that lane before going back to where I am needed.  If your team is without a healer, than Ossein Renewal might be a better choice for this Tier and also helps you revive faster.

Tier 4



Your Heroic ability is also very situational.  Entomb is great if you have the damage to back it up.  Although as Leoric you can solo some heroes down by entombing them and then wailing on them with all your other abilities.  With Kael’Thas and Jaina on your side, they can easily assist a well placed Entomb and rack up multi kills.

However, if you see your team lacking damage, then you may be interested in picking up March of the Black King.

Tier 5


Burning Rage

Tier 5 does not offer a must pick talent, and many of the choices have little impact on gameplay. Burning Rage is nice because it just increases Leoric’s damage output.  Some team fights can be made with just a little more damage over time and this talent delivers.  The only other choice that I would consider, would be Crushing Hope.  Although players are usually pretty good about getting away from a Drain Hope, so that it doesn’t really come into effect.

Tier 6


Renewed Swing

One of my favorite talents.  This allows you to recast Skeletal Swing within 3 seconds of casting for no mana cost.  Remember how I said Leoric is good at clearing minions?  This just allows you to clear waves twice as fast.  Just don’t forget to cast it.

Tier 7


Spectral Leech

Here is another talent that I like to switch up depending on the game.  Spectral Leech adds more damage to Leoric’s basic attack and adds a heal.  This can be great for late game pushes and can just take some pressure off of your healer. Hardened Shield is a great talent as well, but has a cool down of 60 seconds which makes me shy away from it.  Spectral Leech is constant and improves damage.  If you are just looking to survive than Hardened Shield is the choice.  Again this takes a good read of the situation.


Leoric is a blast to play because of his combination of good damage output, great survivability, and excellent team utility.  If you just want to look at the talents and abilities together follow the link below to check it out.


Enjoy Leoric while he is free and then save up 10,000 coins to rule the Battlefield like a king!

Jake aka “prettyboy”

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