Destiny: The Taken King – New Exotics

A spoon for my thoughts?

With the release date of Destiny’s latest and greatest looming ever-closer, we’ve been all-aboard the HYPE TRAIN…ahem…as Bungie spoon-feeds us information about their newest expansion. When Destiny’s at stake, it’s easy to get hyped, and after my first logon in over two months last night, I’m back and more ready than ever. I can’t wait for TTK (The Taken King, not to be confused with time-to-kill) and all that comes with it: a new raid, new maps, new missions, new bounties, new classes, new exotics, and a whole lot more. We’ll be covering it all here at Spoon Deep Gaming, but first, let’s talk a bit about the new exotics we hope we’re lucky enough to see next month.

New exotics are always a blasty-blast, as they’re the most coveted items available in the game, with the coolest looks and perks to boot. Alright, so maybe a few (or maybe a lot) fall short of our sky-high expectations, but exotics are like a box of chocolates; You never know what you’re gonna get.

This time around, the new exotics are…well, they’re alright. They get me excited well-enough, but I can’t say they’re deserving of their own article. Wait…



The Titan is getting a new helmet, and it looks super badass. Like a medieval steampunk metal plate covering your face, the Empyrean Bellicose is reminiscent of a knight in shining armor, which is exactly what the Titan should be. This helmet’s exotic perk gives its wearer the ability to hold in place when aiming down your weapons’ sights mid-air. Hm, haven’t we seen this somewhere before?

Yes, this is the same perk Sunsinger Warlocks get with Angel of Light. Granted, most Sunsingers don’t choose this perk due to the presence of Touch of Flame and Gift of the Sun in the same tier, both being substantially better in nearly any situation, but Angel of Light can be a fun and effective perk when used right…I guess. I don’t quite understand the choice to give Titans access to this vastly underused perk, as it spells a death sentence in nearly any situation outside of some around-the-corner trickery in the Crucible.

With the obvious power (OP?) of Blink eclipsing every other jump ability in the game, it’s hard to find a reason why this wasn’t the perk introduced to Titans with Empyrean Bellicose. Titans are the only class without Blink, and they suffer for it. Sure, they have the highest jump in the game, and while situationally useful, I know Crucible-veteran Titans are screaming for their piece of the mid-air teleportation action.

So, what I’m saying is: Angel of Light? Really? Has Bungie even seen anyone use this perk before? Because if they’re trying to see it used more, slapping it on an exotic in the same slot as Helm of Saint-14 isn’t the solution.



Sealed Ahamkara Grips. Ah, another piece of Ahamkara to adorn you alongside your frabjous capes. I hope you like your bone armor, Hunters, because you’re getting more of it. Thematically, it makes all kinds of sense: Hunters…in the wild…tracking beasts…wearing their trophies…but still, some variety might’ve been nice, instead of once again recycling an old design.

However, this exotic’s perk isn’t half-bad. The Sealed Ahamkara Grips provides its wearer with an additional melee charge and the chance for melee damage to reload their primary weapon. Ignoring this fill-in of a second perk, an additional melee charge is quite nice, but once again, we see a warlock perk being added to another class. Titans have a similar exotic piece, the Armamentarium, giving them two grenades of choice, and now Hunters with their Sealed Ahamkara Grips, but Warlocks seem to have the best of both worlds. Starfire Protocol nets them a second grenade (albeit only a Fusion Grenade), and Claws of Ahamkara gives them a second melee charge, and that’s not to mention Gift of the Sun.

I think some class balancing is in order, although it’s mostly just Striker Titans I’d like to see get a slight buff, along with a PvE-only Golden Gun buff, because Celestial Nighthawk just isn’t enough. Oh, and let Bladedancers generate orbs. Srsly.



Last but certainly not least, Warlocks are getting another exotic chest piece, and I have to say, it’s pretty useless. Alchemist’s Rainment allows Warlocks a chance to gain glimmer on collecting primary ammo, as well as collecting orbs with a full super recharging your grenade and melee abilities. I like neither of these perks.

Glimmer? Really? You mean that occasionally useful currency I can grind to max in about an hour? That? Yeah.

As for the second perk, I actually think it’s pretty awful. I don’t want to collect orbs when my super is full. I want to save them for more-quickly recharging my next super. Chaining supers together is hugely important for both PvE and PvP, and this exotic takes that away for some extra grenade and melee recharge. Now, every Spoon from here to Spoonville knows I love my ‘nades, but there’s no arguing that a little extra ‘nade recharge isn’t nearly as good as another super. More ‘nade < more super. Got it? Good.

On the bright side, Alchemist’s Rainment looks awesome.

Quick idea: Instead of its current glimmer/orb perk set, I’d rather see Alchemist’s Rainment live up to its name. Let collecting primary ammo refill your special ammo. Let one type of ammo transmute into another, as an alchemist transmutes silver into gold. Now that’s an exotic perk.

Wrap Up

That’s it for me today, as I’m going to let Jake cover the new exotic guns (SPOILER: They’re way better than the armor). Even with the new exotics coming with TTK being a bit underwhelming, I only criticize to stir discussion and bring ideas to the game I love. I want to see Destiny continue to grow and become an even better version of its former self. Here’s to hoping The Taken King delivers.



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