Heroes of the Storm NA Open: Murloc Geniuses vs Cognitive Gaming

Blizzard’s new MOBA Heroes of the Storm continues it’s summer series and road to Blizzcon with the Top 8 North American Open.  The winner of this tournament will receive a bid to compete at the regional championship in Las Vegas, in addition to a cool $35,000.

Cognitive Gaming may already have a bid to compete at regionals on the Road to Blizz Con, but Murloc Geniuses just won the first match of the NA Open 2-0 over CG.

Game 1 took place on Cursed Hollow.  MG picked up Zagara, Tyrande, Rehgar, Nazeebo and Johanna.  CG picked Jaina, Malfurian, Muradin, Leoric, and Abathar. I am a huge fan of Leoric and initially thought that Cognitive Gaming would take the first game easily, especially since they have already experienced such success.  The upset came down to smart picks and great team synergy on the part of Murloc Geniuses.

On Cursed Hollow the most important thing to capture is the tributes in order to place a curse on the opposing team.  MG was able to capture 6 out of 6 tributes over the course of the game.  The first tribute capture set the tone for the rest of the game.  The battle began with both teams at a lowly level 4 and ended after more than 2 minutes of battle.  At that point MG had already reached level 8.  They should the synergy of their picks with Tyrande using her owl to disrupt CG’s tribute capture.  With Zagara following up that play with further ranged disruption.

Abathar began to focus on the late game split soak in order to gain as much experience as possible.  But in the end, MG captured multiple bosses and even stole CG’s attempted boss capture to win the game.

Game 2 went to the Tomb of the Spider Queen.  Murloc Geniuses picked up Jaina, Johanna, Nazeebo, Rehgar, and Tassadar.  Cognitive Gaming took Uther, Leoric, Tyrande, Zeratul, and Abathar.  The bans were Kael’Thas, Kerrigan, Zagara, and Azmodan.

MG took an early death with Jaina falling in lane.  But MG’s strategy included capturing as many gems as possible in order to turn in and control the spiders.  However, CG did a great job of preventing MG from turning in the gems.  At one point MG had over 100 gems, but Tassadar was slain and dropped the teams total down to 37.

Near the end of the game MG held 113 gems and got a few turns in off in a row.  This helped push the game in their favor as they captured the boss and made a huge push towards the core.

Murloc Geniuses won the game 2-0.  Their next match will be against Cloud9.


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