How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Making money playing video games is not an easy task.  However, the age of the internet has allowed many people to expand their passion and make a living doing something that they love.  For me that has always been the goal of life; to enjoy it.  As someone who currently enjoys life, I have a few words of wisdom that I would like to share with anyone thinking of making money playing video games.  It is possible, but first you must know yourself and follow a few simple steps.


Video games are the biggest they have ever been.  And as I look into my crystal ball, I see that video games will continue to get better.  This opens up many possibilities in the realm of playing games for fame and fortune.  Competitive gaming organizations such as MLG, eSportsNation, and the ESL have driven the competitive gaming market into something that the above average gamer can compete in.

Competitive gaming takes a lot of skill.  If you are not the best player in your play group you probably don’t stand a chance on the professional circuit.  However, I am a firm believer that time is the most important factor when getting better at a video game.  Those who have played more than others will be better.  Many factors influence game skill, such as basic thumb skill.  In the end it comes down to which players have the most familiarity with the maps, weapons, player builds, and can implement that knowledge into successful strategies.  Like Mangos mentioned in yesterday’s article, communication with other players of equal skill can help you succeed.

Here are some recent game championships and the total amount of money available to players.

MLG’s Call of Duty Championship 2015: $1 Million

ESL’s Halo Championship Series Season 1: $100,000

EVO Championship Series, Ultra Street Fighter 4: $29,790

Spoon Man approves.


You don’t have to be good at gaming to make money playing games.  If you believe yourself to be of the creative persuasion you could have a future designing new games.  Logic states that someone with experience playing games will be better at designing games than someone who has never played a game.  Designing a game does not have to be the complex masterpiece that is Destiny.  Think more along the lines of Flappy Bird.

Now you might not have a lot of experience designing games.  But it really is the ideas that count the most.  Even if you have the skills to make a game, nothing happens if you don’t have any ideas.  Everyone has that friend who knows how to program.  If you don’t then you should get to watching some YouTube videos and try and learn some basic programming skills.  Before you know it, you could have the next Flappy Bird on your hands!


So you don’t have the thumb skill or the ideas that will make you the next fortune 500 video gamer.  I have one last strategy for making money while playing video games.  This involves using your brains and smarts to succeed.  I’m talking about writing about video games.

Writing about video games can be very lucrative or just a fun activity.  But the opportunity exists.  If you have a favorite game, then you probably know something about that game that your friends don’t know.  Do you have a friend that always asks you questions about a game that you can answer?  Congratulations, you have an opportunity.

People are constantly searching the internet on information for their favorite game.  If it also happens to be your favorite game than you can tell them about it with a blog, forum post, or even a YouTube video.


Playing video games is not only about the money.  But if you set your mind to it, there are multiple opportunities to make some cash doing what you love.  Whether it be competitive gaming, making games, or telling others about games you should be able to find your niche.  The most important thing is that you are having fun.  Enjoy what you are doing and the riches will come to you.  We here at Spoon Deep do not currently make any money from our helpful and entertaining words.  We do it out of pure enjoyment and a love for the industry of gaming.  We also want to make T Shirts.  Hopefully these tips give you some ideas of ways that you can pursue a future in gaming.

Until next time,

Spoons out.

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