Destiny Crucible Trials of Osiris Strategy and Burning Shrine Guide

Everyone is looking for tips on how to win matches in the Trials of Osiris.  Good strategy tips are hard to come by because you never know who you are going to meet in the Crucible; it could be a pro level player like TripleWreck, it could be a potato down the street, or you just might meet up with the Spoon Deep family.  Destiny believes itself to be a game of balance and promises that you should be able to play your way and still be successful.  However, there is one gun that is better than most on Mercury.




Of course it is Thorn.  But here is the real tip.  In the Crucible, you should be using an exotic weapon in the slot that you are going to use most.  This allows you to gain the maximum benefit from the exotic.  Sure Gjallarhorn is the best exotic in the game, but during a multiplayer match of Destiny, you will only use it if you get the Heavy Ammo spawn.

Most people will use a Primary weapon more than any other weapon.  If that is the case, then you should be using one of the best weapons for that slot.  Use an exotic primary weapon.

I might not like that Thorn is the most used weapon in the crucible right now.  But if you can’t beat them, join them.  Thorn is great because an unskilled player can kill an enemy with 3 shots.  A skilled player can kill an enemy with 2 shots.

Now here’s where it gets juicy.  The strategy for the Burning Shrine is to stay outside.  The best place to go is right around the outside heavy ammo spawn.  You are both close to the Sudden Death flag and in good position to attack any player that peaks his or her head out.

More importantly than positioning is proximity.  You want to be close to your other teammates, so that in the off chance that you get shot with Thorn, you can return to the battlefield.

Finally, the Holy Trinity of exotic guns.  You might think that this article is all about Thorn.  But there is a counter to Thorn.  Red Death’s perk allows you to instantly begin regenerating health upon a kill.  Even if you are burning from Thorn, a kill with Red Death with cancel the burn.  If you run into a group of 3 Thorns, pull out a Red Death.  If you run into a group of 3 Red Deaths, pull out a Vex Mythoclast.  Vex straight up beats Red Death, especially on a small map like the Burning Shrine.  If you run into 3 Vex Mythoclasts, just keep your distance and use Thorn.

There you have it.  Use Thorn mostly.  Stay outside, near your teammates on the Burning Shrine and remember the Holy Trinity of Exotic guns.  Thorn < Red Death < Vex Mythoclast < Thorn.

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