Three Tips to Win Matches in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  But you already knew that!  The best way to get started playing any game is to practice against the AI.  I remember fondly the days of playing 007 Agent Under Fire on the Gamecube and just playing against the computer bots over and over.  Sure, that game did not have any kind of online gameplay, but I like to think of it as a SOBA: Singleplayer Offline Battle Arena! Also, it was a first person shooter.  But back to the topic at hand: you want to get good at Heroes of the Storm! I have three tips to make you better!

Tip #1

Run from Fights

Heroes of the Storm is a 5v5 game and most of the maps have 3 lanes.  Spoon Deep will get some map guides together at a later date! After doing some intense calculations, I figured that if there are 5 players on the opposing teams and 3 lanes to choose from, most of the time there will be more than one enemy hero in a lane. You are at a severe disadvantage if you go up against more than one hero by yourself.  And you are still at a disadvantage if you are going up against a hero 1 on 1.  The only time that you want to fight enemy heroes is when you have a number advantage.

The enemy team also wants to fight you with the numbers on their side.  If you see an enemy hero rushing towards you and you don’t have any back up, run away!  You dying is a severe punishment to yourself and to your team.  During the late game a death can take you out of the game for 60 seconds as you wait to respawn.  Pick you battle carefully, and if the odds are not in your favor, run away.

Tip #2

Use the Map

Every map has some unique features.  The new map, Battlefield for Eternity, has a great mechanic that often goes unnoticed.  At regular intervals two immortals begin to fight.  You can then move over and help your immortal defeat the enemy team’s immortal.  If your immortal survives, it comes on the battlefield to help you.  Other maps have similar mechanics.  It is important to learn each of these mechanics and come in with a strategy.  Once you activate the map’s unique mechanic make use of it.  On the Battlefield for Eternity, just follow your immortal around!  It is like an extra hero with a lot of HP and it crushes structures.

Tip #3


I have been playing a lot of games versus the AI and they suck at communicating.  You instantly get an advantage when you bring in a teammate.  I’ve tried yelling at the AI and encouraging them to follow behind me.  It usually doesn’t work.  The best bet when playing the AI is to zerg rush the opponent.  It only works when the opponent doesn’t have a brain.  If you can get 4 or 5 heroes in a single lane, the best case scenario becomes overwhelming 1 or 2 enemy heroes and moving towards the base.  The worst case scenario becomes meeting 4 or 5 enemy heroes and getting stopped.  Either way, you don’t lose any ground and can just respawn and push the same lane or choose a new one.

The problem with playing the AI becomes their listening skills.  So bring a friend!  It is much easier to communicate with a buddy.  And if you don’t have a buddy get a hold of one of the spoons.  We always help out our friends!

I am really liking Heroes of the Storm right now, so expect some more guides and tips coming your way.  Like I said in my last post, we are also working on some videos and more solid schedule for the week!


2 thoughts on “Three Tips to Win Matches in Heroes of the Storm

    1. I’ve never played League of Legends or Dota 2, but Heroes of the Storm really drew me in! Glad you like the tips, look for more soon!

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