Under Construction

You may have noticed a few changes going on at Spoon Deep Gaming over the past couple of days.  You may also have noticed that we have not posted anything substantial in the last few weeks.  Well hang on to your butts, because all that is about to change!

Spoon Deep Gaming is under construction.  We recently had a business meeting of the minds and discussed the future of the organization.  There will be many more meetings over the course of the summer as we hone in on our goals and progress towards making the readers of this great website happy.  While we still have yet to define the key roles of your local spoons, be prepared to hear more from BK, Ian, and myself, Jake, better known as prettyboy in some circles.

I want to announce everything that we have planned, but perhaps you will be better served with some key quotes from a recent group text convo.

So we need to decide what game/s we’re gonna play going forward.

I think starting to make videos will be a huge boost to us.  But we need something different than game reviews, because everyone does game reviews.

Are we looking for a game or a genre? MMOs could be it, or something else idk.  Online games is much too broad.

But what game, that’s still a problem

Yes mmos, online shooters, and mobas are my top picks.

The conversation went back and forth like that for a while, but then things started to really heat up with the quote of the day

Casuals on casuals: everyday competitive gaming guides from ascending potatoes.

So that’s what we will do.  It fits our group perfectly.  We are a fun loving bunch that are better than average gamers. I have also had a drive to get into competitive gaming, and MOBA’s fit the bill as being both competitive from an arena standpoint and customizable like an RPG.

So what does all this mean for Spoon Deep Gaming?  Let me list of some of our plans, short term and long term.

  • The return of the weekly podcast, rebranded as the SpoonCast
  • Moving on to Patreon to gain supporters and continue our expansion
  • Streaming games on Twitch, regularly
  • Making YouTube videos of us playing anything from Dota 2 to Minecraft
  • Writing weekly articles that capture our purpose: writing casual guides on competitive gaming with a comedic slant.

Our goal: have fun playing games!  But also be better at playing.  We want to ascend gamers from potatoes to legendary spoons!

Some of my personal goals include:

  • Traveling and/or competing in competitive gaming tournaments like the International or Heroes of the Dorm
  • Creating a custom T Shirt
  • Eating a habanero pepper on screen

There might be more as we get rolling.  For now, look for some changes to the website layout and a different approach to organizing the great content that we produce.  I’m looking to add categories for guides, podcasts, videos, and general musings.  There will be links to new pages featuring guides, SpoonCast archives, and our twitch stream.  Spoon Deep is growing and we want to take you with us.

Jake aka prettyboy

P.S. I’m thinking of calling all of our fans Sporks, let me know what you think, and if Chase is reading this, we are going to need some new cover art for the SpoonCast.

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