Live on Twitch and Spoon Updates

Jake here, just checking in.  How are you?

We’ve missed you here at Spoon Deep but believe it or not the last two or three months will make the next two or three months even better.  Look forward to more great articles by myself, BK, and Ian.  Look for videos of the three of us doing more shenanigans than you can count.  Yes SHENANIGANS!  We will be snagging a capture card in the next week or two to show some suite Skolas kills and we know you love the crucible tips.  Don’t forget about the Elder Scrolls and our quest to become the emperor! Jake also got into Magic: The Gathering recently, which means Booster Box openings and deck tips!  This is gonna be a great summer and the best way to spend it is with Spoon Deep Gaming.

While you are sitting at home on the couch, why don’t you check out where I will be streaming live during the afternoons and late evenings.  I’ll be honest the stream quality isn’t great, but it is the only stream where you will hear mention of spoons and pudding along with some great gameplay.

The podcast will make its triumphant return as well, and I just put the finishing touches on a hit new intro song!

T-shirts coming soon.

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