A Guide to Destiny’s Crota’s End Hard Mode: Part 2

The second part of this end game raiding guide focuses on the technical aspects of wielding the sword.  The Sword has become one of my favorite parts of the raid, but that does not mean it is without its challenges.  This guide includes two tips that will make you a better sword wielder.  Even if you are not wielding the sword read on in order to understand the difficult ordeal that your fellow guardians are going through.  You may pick up enough tips and courage to wield the sword yourself.


#3 Count Sword Hits

You can only damage Crota with the sword.  Hard Mode introduces a difficult mechanic to the fight, auto enrage.  When Crota reaches a certain amount of health he will automatically enrage.  Under calculated circumstances this is fine.  However, you want to make sure that he enrages at the right moment.  If he enrages and you run out of time on the sword, everyone will die.  Enrage spawns endless Thrall, Ogres, and Oversouls.  You will not be able to survive for very long.

If the enrage mechanic is managed you don’t even have to worry about it.  It takes 18 Heavy Smashes to defeat Crota.  Heavy Smashes come from using RT on Xbox One and R2 on PS4.  There are other strategies that use the combo RB RB RT (R1 R1 R2), but for our sake your sword wielder only needs to use RT, it also makes it easier to count the number of hits.

Let’s move forward under the assumption that we are going to use three swords against Crota.  18 divided by 3 equals 6.  So you would assume that you want 6 hits per sword and 3 hits each time you down Crota.  This works well when we get 2 downs per sword.  The ever elusive 3rd down is very tough to pull off and requires precise timing.  When getting two downs per sword and three hits per sword, the timing when Crota enrages becomes rather challenging.  It is debated about when Crota enrages but through my experiences I have seen Crota enrage on the 15th hit.  That means we can get 14 hits in before the enrage.

We need to get those 14 hits with two swords.  Because the you don’t want to leave too many sword hits for the last down because of the aforementioned enrage timer.  The enrage timer just makes the timing a little tricky, so there is less room for error if you don’t need as many hits with the last sword.  I can’t tell you the number of times that Crota needed one more hit to be defeated, but we ran out of time on the sword and we wiped. The best way to do this is to get 3 hits on Crota during his first kneel and then 4 hits on his second kneel, for the first two swords for a total of 14 hits.  Then finished him off with 2-3 hits before he auto enrages, down him one last time for the final 2-3 hits.


#4 Look at Crota’s Health

Looking at the health bar makes the sword wielder’s job easier.  Crota will enrage on your first down of the third sword, and you should be able to get two hits in.  If everyone blasts rockets at him after he enrages, then the sword wielder only needs two more hits.  And on the rare occasion that you missed one of your previous hits you still have time for another hit to finished him off.  This extra wiggle room is key during this fight and will make you more successful.

It is possible to forget to count sword hits.  But if your team is looking at Crota’s health bar and communicating with the sword wielder, you can work together for an easier time. You can tell how many hits have actually connected by looking at how much health is remaining.  Sometimes Crota will still be immune when you hit him with the sword and the hit won’t register.  It is important for the sword guy to notice the damage indicators when swinging the sword in order to know how much damage is actually being dealt.

It takes a trained eye to calculate exactly how many hits connect.  Using the nameplate above the health bar helps the raid determine how the sword wielder is doing.  The name plate reads: CROTA, SON OF ORYX. With 7 hits after the first sword the health bar should be around the S of son of oryx.  crota, Son of oryx.  If the health gets closer to the comma then you might have gotten 8 hits . After the second sword you want the health bar to be just before the R.  cRota, son of oryx.  As the health bar passes the R, the monster will become enraged.  Both counting the number of hits and looking at the health bar will help you keep track of your progress.  This will help alleviate hitting enrage too soon and wiping early on a good run.


Running the sword is the most demanding task of Crota’s End.  However, the rest of the team is often more important than the sword wielder himself.  Any good team will have supporters watching the health bar and helping the sword keep track of hits that actually connect with Crota.  Remember that 18 hits is the magic number, but also keep in mind that some hits might not actually count so it’s important to watch the health bar.  Here’s links to the past and future parts of this guide.

Part 1

#1 Heal Yourself

#2 Fire Rockets Wisely

Part 3

#5 Put the Bubble Down

#6 Generate Orbs

If you haven’t run the sword try it.  It is a little bit more technical than shooting rockets, but it is a fun distraction if you have never done it.  I have seen Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters all clear Crota Hard Mode solo, so there is no reason your favorite class cant sword slap Crota with a team of 5 Guardians behind you.

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