Should I buy a PS4?

I have always been a huge Nintendo fan.  The first game I remember playing was Duck Hunt on the NES, which may explain why I have such an affinity towards first person shooters.  Recently I have focused on the Xbox family, because Xbox Live works so well and playing online is usually my focus for gaming.  I still have a Wii U of course, but the Xbox One is my favorite system by far.  I am now posed to ask the question: Should I buy a PS4?

Nowadays I fall into the camp of Xbox fan boy.  A couple of months ago I was really mad at Sony and the Playstation brand for some exclusive offer.  Honestly, I can’t even remember what the deal was about.  Exclusives come and go between the two systems, but when it comes to playing games I really like Xbox because of the controller.  The Wii U gamepad is not fun to play games on for long periods of time, and the Playstation controllers always feel too light for long play sessions.

Online gameplay is also very important to my gaming decisions.  The simple truth is, all of my friends own an Xbox One and I often convince and pressure new friends to buy an Xbox instead of a Playstation.  I sign on after work and join a party full of my friends.  Sometimes, we let each other do their own thing, but I like feeling connected.  If I ever need a teammate I have a friends list full of people who will come to my aid.

During the previous generation I had a PS3 and Xbox 360 and Wii.  I really enjoyed playing games on the PS3, but I only had a handful of online friends and I still did not like the controller.  I played through the God of War Collection and each Uncharted game before packing up the console and moving it to storage.  I tried some other games but I was only interested in the exclusives.  I think I have put more time into Destiny than I have with the PS3 over the course of the last 10 years.

Now I see more Playstation exclusives on the horizon.  I have never thought that small indie games are worth the purchase of a console.  If I want to play an indie game, then I will just boot up the Wii U’s Virtual Console and play Duck Hunt.  I play video games for the big releases, the Destiny’s, Uncharted’s, and Gears of War.  Small games just fill the gaps between major releases.  Sure Playstation had a lot of momentum early on with its large list of games coming to the platform, but of course most of those games are small, independently developed games.  And now with GDC and PAX East behind us, Xbox has it’s own list of small, independently developed games.

The future looks bright for the Playstation 4.  Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, MLB 15 The Show, Until Dawn, and Street Fighter 5, are all coming exclusively to the PS4 and there are sure to be more surprises too. Not to mention The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886, and Killzone have already found a home on the PS4.

I’m still debating this hot topic.  I will probably buy a PS4 at some point, just like I bought a PS3.  I just have to know that it will probably be a secondary or even tertiary console behind the Wii U.  At the same time, my N64 died this weekend, so I need to buy something to feel better.  And hey, maybe I’ll finally turn on my Vita.

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