He’s Eating My Face: A Story of Resident Evil Revelations 2

In the inky blackness of night I crept around the forest looking for clues about what would happen next.  I should have been able to guess, but the atmosphere and eerie silence took their hold on my senses.

“I see him” I whispered into the microphone.

Creeping ever closer to the humanoid figure, I readied my body for what would come next.

“Oh hell no!” I screamed as I readied my magnum and peppered the lumbering oaf until he/she/it fell lifeless to the ground.

And so I continued ever deeper into the forest to find what horrors awaited me next.

Of course I am talking about Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode One.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 makes me feel good. I haven’t played a video game like this since the first Resident Evil was remade on the Gamecube.  And damn was that a great game.  I only beat the game once because I am often too terrified to leave the mansion.  It took the infinite grenade launcher glitch to encourage me to venture forth and conquer the end game boss and rescue all my friends.  But every year I turn off the lights  and see how far I can get in one sitting before deciding I will have nightmares and turning the game off.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 gives me a sense of hope.  I beat Episode One in a single sitting.  Sure it took me an hour and half, whereas the leaderboards show the possibility of beating the game in less than 15 minutes.  The game scared me, yet at every junction I felt the pressing need to continue on and battle the darkness.  The game actually reminded me a lot of Alan Wake, and I love that game.  Even though I was scared I wanted to keep playing because I was still having fun.

Returning to the forest I switched to my assault rifle and sprayed as the monster crept ever closer.

“His skin is falling off!”  I exclaimed as the bullets continued to fly and my magazine size continued to shrink.

The next monster approached in a familiar pattern and I knew what to do.  Shoot him.  A lot.

“Is he eating my face? He’s eating my face!”  I blurted out, surprising anyone who heard, including myself.

After a relentless onslaught of abominations, my ammo reserves had run dry and I attempted to finished off the monster with my trusty knife.  Getting close to the enemy was not a good idea as my face was ripped to pieces and devoured.

The difficulty in Resident Evil Revelations 2 is just right.  Unlike Resident Evil 5, enemies do not drop ammo.  Instead you must constantly keep your eyes open and even looking feverishly for one more bullet never made me feel overpowered.  I felt weak and scared in the face of hideous creatures.  That said, I want to play through the first episode again.  I want to shoot more monsters in the face and explore more of the setting.

Combining all of the elements of the game created a fulfilling experience.  The gameplay was extremely satisfying, including the light puzzle solving and map exploration.  The gunplay and combat felt great and rewarded a quick hand and superior resource management.  All the while the atmosphere of the game kept pushing me forward.  Sure it was scary and monsters were eating my face, but I felt just hopeful enough to enter the next door.  Plus the thought of more collectibles makes me want to go back!  While the story is similar Resident Evil fare, the episodic nature keeps me interested enough to pick up the second installment and play week after week to unlock the mysteries.

As a bonus, the game includes multiple references to past Resident Evil games that is sure to make any fan squirm with glee.

We can now agree that I wrote more of a narrative than a traditional review.  Even if I left out large portions of the game (Raid Mode hello?!?) I still feel  like you should be able to get a sense of what this game is about.

With that said should you go spoon deep inside the latest installment of Resident Evil?

If you like walking around a dark forest armed with a spoon that you plan to shove inside countless zombies then this game is for you, if not then for $5.99 you can’t find a better deal and you should still get it.

Dig in,


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