Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Mid-Season Analysis: Part 2

Ah, another day, another block of glimmer, am I right? I never seem to have enough, but can never remember what I spent it all on. I don’t buy upgrades from Xur, almost every piece of gear I own is maxed, my guns level too slowly to make any sort of impact…it was that damn Sasquatch.

Anyways…last time out, we briefly recapped the state of Destiny’s Crucible maps as well as its class balance. In short: the maps suck and hunters are OP. That sound about right? However, a class is only as good as the guns it wields, and throughout Destiny’s short lifespan thus far, gun balance has changed periodically. Below, I’ll go over the current most popular selections and why they’re more powerful now than ever.

Hey wait! Yeah, you! Be sure to check out Jake’s new titan guide! He’ll be rolling out similar guides for both the hunter and warlock as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

Part 1

Gun balance

Destiny has a lot of guns. It’s no Borderlands, but they still sport a solid number of unique weapons. Too bad about 6 of them see any use in PvP.

1. Thorn – Pisses me off to no end. A two-hit kill pistol? Really? I barely even have time to aim down my sights, and I use a SUROS, so it’s not like my gun is bad. Thorn is ridiculous and needs a damage nerf, even if just in PvP.

(Note: I’ve leveled this baby up since my initial write, and I take everything I said back. Not really…Thorn is too good, but it’s so much less annoying when you’re the one wrecking havoc with it.)

2. The Last Word – At short-medium range, this gun is pretty unstoppable, although I haven’t noticed as many people using it lately. I guess everyone’s swapping it out for Thorn? But in the right hands, TLW is very good. I prefer killing from a distance, so TLW isn’t a gun I use, but I do equip it often just to swap it back and forth for the cowboy effect…

3. SUROS – Probably the third most popular Crucible primary after Thorn and TLW, SUROS is good. The assault rifle nerfs keep rolling in, but they still remain the most popular weapon type across all game types, and with good reason. SUROS has incredible range, impact, and near perfect stability. Great gun, and my favorite gun. I legitimately don’t mind being killed by SUROS, just because it wasn’t Thorn or a fusion rifle.

4. Vex Mythoclast – I don’t own this bullshit, but it’s good. I get killed with it almost just as much as with Thorn, so it’s definitely rising on my hate list. Would rather be killed by Vex than Pocket Infinity, so at least it’s got that going for it. Also, it sounds amazing, so there’s that too.

5. Light of the Abyss – As far as fusion rifles go, this is the cream de la crème. Great charge time, range, and impact. I use this as my secondary on any map that doesn’t support sniper play, and while I prefer to use my SUROS or Thorn, I’ve gotten my fair share of kills with this baby too. I hate fusion rifles in the Crucible, but hey…if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

6. Jolder’s Hammer – I trigger fire this thing like a scout rifle. It’s the best PvP machine gun in the game (in my opinion) and is solely responsible for many of my 10+ kill streaks. I love this gun, although I’m hearing Against All Odds is popular as well. But still…three shot kill from a distance with a machine gun? Yes please.

Honorable Mentions: Shadow Price, Vanquisher VIII, Shingen, Gallahad, Stranger’s Rifle, Oversoul Edict, MIDAS, Pocket Infinity, Invective, Found Verdict, Swordbreaker, Praedyth’s Revenge, Against All Odds, Thunderlord, Truth, and probably some others I don’t have or use.

I know there’s gonna be a lot of debate here, but this is just what I’ve noticed in my time in the Crucible as of late. If you’re a monster with a gun not listed here, all the more power to you. Way to be different, please don’t change.

Thorn, you beautiful bastard, you
Thorn, you beautiful bastard, you

Thorn is by far and large the overseer of my Crucible deaths with its trusty fusion rifle sidekick. I can tolerate being killed by a super, even when it’s seemingly over and over again as the opposing team chains them together to generate orbs to incredible efficiency. It’s annoying, but it’s impressive. But being killed by a fusion rifle from half a map away in one shot? That pisses me off.

Pulse rifles need and are getting a damage buff, although it remains to be seen if that’ll be enough. If it is, I’ll definitely be checking out the raid pulse rifle, Oversoul Edict, as well as my Red Death. Shotguns are seeing a damage increase as well (100%) in conjunction with a range nerf, so that could definitely bring them back in line. I’d like shotguns to feel and be used more like the in-your-face powerhouses they’re supposed to be, rather than instant-charge fusion rifles able to kill from way too far away.

As I said above, when it comes to OP guns in the Crucible, if you can’t beat ‘em, you’ve gotta join ‘em. Or be really really good, that’s fun too.

What’s Missing and What to Expect

Now, what’s missing from Destiny’s PvP? A lot. Technically, there are 7(?) total game types, but each and every one of them is essentially team slayer plus or minus a few people. Destiny absolutely needs to implement an objective-based game type (or several, please). Where’s my CTF, Oddball, Search and Destroy, One/Two Bomb Assault, or King of the Hill? Even just some classic CTF would alleviate my gripes almost entirely. I mean, they already have the freakin’ flags! I just want something outside of team deathmatch.

A new game type is being released with Destiny’s next expansion, House of Wolves, called Inferno. All Inferno is, is the same game types we have now minus radar, supers, and gear bonuses. Will it be different? Yes. Will I play it? Of course. But the loss of radar opens the door to camper city, which I’m not okay with, and it’s still all deathmatch. Sigh.

Did someone say camping?
Did someone say camping?

Jake also mentioned the idea of bringing a kill-cam to Destiny, which I honestly forgot is a thing in most shooters. I think a Destiny kill-cam is a great idea, and one I’d very much like to see implemented in the future. The current death screen already shows the location of your killer, and the always-on radar prevents almost all camping anyways, so I don’t see any reason a real kill-cam would reveal any unwanted information. Greater yet, a kill-cam would much more easily allow players to see how they died and possibly prevent the same mistake from happening again (or increase hate for certain guns…*cough* Thorn).

So, what should we expect from Bungie concerning Destiny’s PvP in the future? Well, probably more of the same. It’s taking them over half a year to release a “new” game type that merely takes away a few already existing features, not to mention to continual rehash of Iron Banner. How long is it going to take them to release real objective-based gameplay? I do enjoy jumping into the Crucible with Spoon Deep (and our honorary Spoons Daddy Gerbil and Lebron), but the fun-factor of playing by myself has greatly diminished. The guns need balance, and we need more game-types. Simple as that.

I know, this has been almost all doom and gloom, but I’m simply expressing my feelings towards a lackluster online multiplayer experience from a company who once perfected the online multiplayer experience (hi Halo). I just expect more. Maybe we’ll get it eventually, but until then, don’t expect to see me in the line of fire much by myself. I’ll always be with Spoon Deep, and Spoon Deep will always be having a great time.


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