Three Things to Learn from Evolve

Spoon Deep expanded their bowls last night and dug into the special sauce that is Evolve.  The first couple matches were a bit like the skin of a fresh batch of pudding, rough and not all that tasty.  I am a strong believer that the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.  Destiny comes to mind as being a game that is easy to learn and difficult (and time consuming) to master.  On the other hand, Evolve has a huge learning curve from the first time you drop into an arena. For lack of a better word, the game will evolve in difficulty as both the hunters and monster become more adept at playing their roles.  For now, those of us playing as Goliath or Val are hitting as many buttons as possible and hoping that the other player falls in battle.

Throughout our play time, I came up with three things that I did wrong that I hope you can learn from when you boot up Evolve for the first time.

Manage Jet Pack Use

This is vital to your survival when you face the monster.  However, this is also vital to you actually tracking the monster prior to engagement.  I found that the jetpack is extremely useful during the tracking stages because the hunters are just trying to get around the map as quickly as possible and find any sign of that slinky monster.  The dash is your best friend: just double tap the jump button while pushing the control stick in your desired direction, and you will boost ahead, to the side, backwards, or any which way that you want to go.

That said, if you are boosting this way and that way, you will run out of jetpack fuel.  That sweet nectar will eventually replenish itself, but you may be without a quick escape in the meantime.  And boy do you need a quick escape often!  My main point is to save your boosts for when you really need it.  And you really need it when the monster is running right at you and is about to breath the fiery death onto your soon to be melted face.  I found myself wishing I had more boost too often, and then realized that if I had not used the jetpack to fly around like a future explorer of the moon, I would have been better prepared to send Goliath to an early grave.

Stay with your Teammates

This next one goes without saying, or at least so I thought.  You will not be able to take down the monster by yourself.  I’m telling you this now, but I’m sure more than a couple of us are thinking that if the monster player happens to be boiled, mashed, and stuck in a stew (read potato!), you might be able to get away with a solo adventure.  But if the monster has even half a brain, you’re gonna need some help.

This doesn’t mean that you need to follow each other around like the AI does in a solo match.  I would actually encourage you to play a solo match and learn what not to do from the computer controlled players.  Rather, you should simply be able to assist your teammates with whatever creeps out of the bushes. It could be a Goliath, or it could be a man eating plant.  On one specific occasion, yours truly fell victim to a man eating plant and was unable to convince my teammates to save me because I was no where near them.  Was it my fault?  Yes.  Because I did not stay with my teammates.

Follow Daisy

When I first fell out of the dropship and landed with a satisfying thud in unknown territory, I did not know which way was up.  But fortunately for our team, Daisy had a pretty good idea of where to find the monster; he must leave behind quite the stench.  I will admit that Daisy did not initially strike me as useful, and I compared her to a half retarded cat.  But lo and behold, Daisy proved her weight in gold.  Follow Daisy, I beg of you.  I still don’t know all the secrets that this animal holds, but I know that if you are the trapper and you stay close and follow her, you get points.  Thats good enough for me.

But seriously, Daisy only works if the Trapper follows close behind her.  Otherwise, she just might be a big pile of doo doo.  She howls if you are going the wrong way and has some subtle way of letting you know if the monster is within line of sight.  I need to play more to figure her out.  But her most useful ability comes from her tongue.  If you go down, and you will go down, Daisy comes right up to you and licks you back to life.  This happened on multiple occasions and I was overjoyed. This article further details some of the cool things that Daisy can do.

The Spoon Deep family is just getting started with Evolve, and I am sure that we will learn much more in the coming days, weeks, and months.  As it stands now, Sticky Buns plays the monster, BK runs as the medic, Andy is our muscle as the assault, Ian loves the tongue on Daisy as the Trapper, and I play the support because Orbital Strike is my middle name.  We might switch around, because Lazarus just looks so cool.  And Sticky Buns might just want to be part of the team.

Until next time, dig in and evolve.

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