An Iron Banner “Update”

As any Destiny player will know, a new Iron Banner event dropped today, allowing you to once again enter the Crucible on Lord Saladin’s terms to prove your worth.

As any seasoned Destiny player will know, a new Iron Banner event dropped today, and it’s bullshit. Not the event itself…I actually quite enjoy entering the IB with a fireteam full of Spoons and much prefer its combat to the usual Control playlist. We seem to consistently match up against better players and the gunfights all feel a bit more intense.

No, it’s not Iron Banner itself I have a problem with, but its associated bounties and the issues with Bungie’s design philosophy the event brings to surface. Discussion to follow.

Like I said, Iron Banner is fun, and I enjoy the event. Do I think the grind to rank 5 is worth it? No. Even this time around, where the guns obtainable at IB rank 5 are fantastic (Felwinter’s Lie with Field Choke, Hammer Forged, and Range Finder/Ghelon’s Demise with Firefly and Outlaw), I’m still struggling to motivate myself into the grind. Granted, I still might, as goes the hold Destiny has on my mind and my life…

The problem with Iron Banner is what the event says about the rest of the game. First of all, the bounties this time around are…wait for it…the exact same as the bounties of every single IB event before it! They haven’t changed. We’ve got auto rifle kills, machine gun headshots, and all the usuals once again.

Bungie continues to roll in the auto rifle nerfs and is “trying” to force players into using other gun types, yet supply us week in and week out with the same IB auto rifle bounty. Like, of course players are going to use these the most, you’re making them! What’s worse is that Bungie has openly acknowledged this repetition of IB bounties and has publicly stated they don’t like the effect it’s having. So change it. Swapping out even this one bounty can’t possibly be that difficult. Give me the source code, I’ll do it.

What a feedback loop though…IB event drops, same auto rifle bounty as always, everyone uses auto rifles, auto rifles become popular, auto rifles become “overpowered,” Bungie nerfs auto rifles, IB event drops, same auto rifle bounty…it’s endless.

On a different note, another Iron Banner event signals another update gone hearing nothing about Queen’s Wrath. I know, Queen’s Wrath “needed a lot of work,” but the endless stream of IB is starting to get old. Mind you, Crucible is by far my favorite part of Destiny, and I still desperately want to see a different event roll out. They better be working their asses off on House of Wolves, because this continual rehash of IB just screams lazy. The only difference from the last IB is some of the numbers and perks on the guns. That’s it. I firmly believe HoW is make or break for Destiny. It has to be good.

Bitch, bitch, bitch…I know. But I also know I’m not alone. Like I said, I do enjoy playing with Spoon Deep in the Iron Banner and I typically enjoy the Crucible in general, but something has to change. Destiny’s is one of the most passionate communities I’ve been a part of, and we just want to see something. We want to know our beloved game is cared for as much by its developers as it is by its Guardians. Secretly, I know it is, they just need to show us.



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