Two Raids One Spoon

Crota ended his terrifying grip on the Spoon Deep crew last night.  Before last night only three members of our group had put an end to Crota’s End.  This morning we woke up and added two members to the list of completions and even welcomed a brand new and shiny level 32 to our ranks.  We screamed at each other, we tried to hug over the internet, and we listened to the soothing melody that comes from the conch of the spoons.  In the end we defeated Hard Mode Crota not once, not thrice, but twice!  These are our tales.

We began the night with some casual Nightfall activities to get us warmed up.  Sticky Buns and I were able to two man the Nexus with relative ease and cheese, but only after some pizza and hot wings settled our stomachs.  No spoons necessary for this dinner of champions.  By the time we were finished the rest of the crew had signed on and were ready to stick it in Crota’s End.

We ran into more than one roadblock on our path to victory.  The first challenge wasn’t even Crota himself.  Atheon stepped in and challenged our group on Hard Mode, but rather than battle him we ended up battling the Xbox Live servers.  Once everyone actually got into the game Atheon went down quite easily, but kept his most valuable treasure to himself. At one point I even exclaimed that Atheon’s Vault of Glass was glitching more than Crota!  This was mainly due to the fact that Sticky Buns found himself stuck in the past on at least one occasion.

Eventually we moved on to end Crota’s reign of terror.  I found myself as the first one to die during the abyss run, and to my great surprise they did not need me.  I was left to watch as the team completed the long journey, occasional eating chips and offering my unneeded advice.  We went on to cheese the bridge section, with Andy hiding so sneakily on the other side.  The thralls were unable to smell his fear.

Then came the final battle. We defeated Ir Yut, in one take, although it took the lives of four of our members.  Crota ended up falling on only our second try.  We surprised ourselves with the ease of his defeat.  Sticky Buns screamed with joy at his first Hard Mode clear and if possible became even stickier.  We decided Crota had not had enough and we needed to stick it in his end again.

We all switched gear and loaded up our alts.  We jumped in the abyss and started running.  We now had a Hunter that could solo this section, I just sat back and watched.  But then the unthinkable happened, Ian died!  Our hunter could no longer cross the bridge, it was up to me to carry the torch.  I had not made it through the first time, but now was my chance.  I looked around and the great aura of Stickiness was nowhere to be found.

Sticky Buns:  Wait for me!  I got trapped in the Tower!

Me: No.

Sticky Buns had forgotten his helmet on his main character and had to go back to the tower.  That or he was admiring his new GlowHoo shader a little too much.

I ran towards the finish line.  And just as I crossed the threshold, Sticky Buns joined the fire team.  He had gotten his rewards, but had he done any of the work?  It didn’t matter, when one spoon gets stronger the rest of us stand a little taller.  The Bridge showed us little trouble.  Andy, weary from sticking the sword somewhere in Crota’s End, defeated the first Gatekeeper and slid into a safe spot on the other side of the bridge.  Icebreaker and my steady aim finished off the Ogres.

Now things got tricky.  Ir Yut would not go down easy.  Knowing Sticky Bun’s difficulty with the Vault of the Tower we told him to go back and finish upgrading his gear to 32.  Finally, he was shiny and new.  Mangos, playing on his alt, was still a 31.  For whatever reason he could not survive the onslaught of acolytes.  But we played without him.  He needed a minute to release some steam, if you know what I mean.

Finally Crota was finally defeated.  We completed 3 Hard Mode raids last night.  One Atheon and two Crotas.  The spoons have never stood taller.  If you need a swordbearer, Andy is your man.  If you need a violin, give me a call. Daddy Gerbil stepped in and kept us cool when we got hot.  Ian went invisible like no one ever saw.  Mangos is still learning the heavy ammo glitch.  And if you wanna get sticky I know just the man with the plan.  Also, I think the Real Deal was in the party chat.

Scoreboard Spoons: 3 Crota: 0 Atheon: 0

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