The life in the machine

What’s up Spoons.

So, I’ve been browsing Reddit during my down time at work this week, and really, this isn’t unusual. This isn’t new. But, this week in particular, I discovered a subreddit, /r/nosleep, that was previously unbeknownst to me. This subreddit is choc-full of user-submitted nonfiction and realistic fiction short stories of a paranormal or generally scary nature, and many of them are truly fantastic.

I encourage you to hit up the sub and check it out regardless, but my real purpose here is to expose you to one story in particular, one I found truly thought-provoking and, yes, at its surface, all about video games. So, here it is.

The life in the machine.

It’s not all that long in comparison to some of the others, so please take the time to read it through. I think it’ll be more than worth your while.

All credit to /u/unpatriotic, who doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but cheers nonetheless.

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