Wandering through the World of Warcraft

Right now I am strolling through World of Warcraft.  If by strolling I mean that I am lost.  The game is very complicated.   Which can be a good thing, complication allows places like WOW Insider to spring up in order to help those of us that are struggling.  However, I am constantly wondering why the game is so complicated and why I am having such a hard time with it.  Don’t get me wrong, World of Warcraft is fun, and this fun is what keeps people coming back day after day for years, but as a first timer I feel like I have a heavy burden on my back with no compass to guide me.

For example, yesterday I purchased my secondary specialization on my Monk.  My first spec was as a tank, so I decided to try a healer if only for the slightly faster queue times.  Immediately I fell in love with healing because of its simplicity.  Some people might say that healing gets much more complicated as the game progresses (Mangos) but I respond with the question, why? Right now I have one spell that heals as I channel it for about 10 seconds and while I am casting that spell I can quickly cast other immediate heals as the party needs them.  There are a smattering of other utility spells that I can use to supplement my healing.  But with those first two spells I am set.

Now take tanking on the other hand.  I have one spell to draw aggro, one spell to do area of effect damage.  Two spells to build resources, and four spells to spend resources depending on the type of damage that I want to do.  This is in addition to shields, interrupts, and mobility spells that I need on my bar for those just in case moments.  As I think about it, I could get by with just a couple spells but then I wonder why all of these spells are there if they aren’t needed.  And at the same time I can hear Mangos banging on the keyboard while we play, and it sounds like he is hitting about 10 keys per second while I like to think a little bit more about each move.

What is going on here?

I also realize that World of Warcraft used to be a lot more complicated and I am glad that I got into it after so many of the mechanics became simplified and made tanking a lot easier because that really is a lot of fun and I find myself at the top of the DPS charts often.

It all comes down to missing the days of Pokemon.  When I think of an MMORPG, I still think about that role playing element and my favorite role playing games involved catching them all and choosing four moves to use for upcoming battles.  Pokemon is a thinking man’s game, you get to pace yourself and plan each action based on your opponents last move.  Whereas WOW has an endless move pool and I sometimes feel like I am running around like a chicken pounding my fists at the keyboard and hoping it works.  Don’t get me started on watching twitch streams, I can never follow the action.

I will keep updating my thoughts about World of Warcraft as we keep playing.  I have a months subscription after all.  Playing an MMO makes me really love MMO’s if only because I am playing with my friends.  However, more often than not I am fighting the controls or wondering what I am supposed to do.  Or sometimes I am walking half way across the continent because I’ve been questing through dungeons and have no real way to the next area.  Is there an easy fix? Probably not.  Am I playing wrong? Maybe.  But I still think about games like Destiny and even Pokemon, which got the gameplay so right and are so much fun to play, but are missing the Massively multiplayer online part that World of Warcraft has.

Dig in,


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