Feelings after Hard Mode (Destiny)

I played Destiny for four hours last night.  I played from the moment I got home just until the moment that I went to bed.  If I’m being honest with myself I had a great time.  But I still felt a lot of frustration.  I feel a lot of things about Destiny.  But I think I finally figured out why I play Destiny so much.  I just like playing with my friends.  The game has become our favorite hang out spot.  And if we moved our hang out spot to Zoo Tycoon I would still log on every night just to play with my friends.

When I first sat down to write this article I wanted to rant about how I did not beat Hard Mode Crota last night and how we came so close and how I wasted my time.  I was angry, but then I thought about why.  And I realized I am not actually angry. Like I said above I had a great time playing Destiny last night because I played with friends who are hundreds of miles away. I made some friends from Destiny LFG who I probably won’t play with again but we had a few laughs and I got SUROS Regime from a Nightfall! Again….

Bungie did a great job getting people together to play their game.  Spoon Deep comes together almost every night to do the same missions that we have done tens of times for rewards that we already have.  But we are playing together.  And that’s what makes me keep coming back.  I feel bad because Destiny has become very elitist, after only a week of Hard Mode being available random people are only allowing me in their group if I have beaten HM Crota (I haven’t).  And one of my favorite spoons is left behind because he is only level 24.  You’ll get there buddy!

Okay quick rant: Think about if Bungie added one more second to Crota’s kneeling animation.  The fight would be a lot more forgiving.  Most of the time the failures come from glitches, or honestly they come from not being able to time things perfectly.  I hate schedules, I just want to run up to Crota with my sword and start swinging.  Give me a bigger window and I’ll have more fun.  Yeah some people will beat it quicker but there are already speed runs of less than a minute.  The time constraints are unforgiving and maybe that is what makes Hard Mode hard, but with internet latency and laggy servers you shouldn’t base a boss battle on timing.  Just make the mechanics more challenging, don’t just add more enemies with more health.  Rant Over.

Halo 2 got me to play games with my friends and we played the poop out of that game.  But we were never fighting the mechanics and glitches were actually fun!  Super bounces, and sword glitching weren’t encouraged, but creating a custom game and just exploring the map were some of the most fun experiences I had.  Don’t forget about the blue moon glitch!

I want to explore Destiny.  I want to just cruise around and dance with my friends.  Sometimes I might even point at them.  But I also really like the creativity that Halo had and that Destiny is somewhat lacking.   And the community created Zombies for crying out loud.  I want to be able to create something like that in Destiny.  Sparrow Races maybe, or even custom matches.  Capture the Flag, please!  I love running and jumping in the tower!  You can’t tie me down Bungie!

And sometimes I like taking a potato through the raid and helping them get that new gun that they never thought they would see.  I like Hard Mode raid and I’ll beat it someday.  But Bungie could at least fix some of the glitches that make the game so frustrating, heavy ammo hello?  We here at Spoon Deep are a pretty close knit group of friends and even when Crota wipes us 30 times we have lots of laugh, some screaming, some obscenities, many weird chats, and a little bit of saxophone.  And that just the stuff that comes from my microphone.

See you out there.

Spoons Up


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