Destiny: A Speculation – Possible 3rd Subclasses

Authored by Dupie1814. More from him to come. Editor’s notes in [brackets].

The Arc Thrower; The Crusader; the Trapper. These are the supposed titles for the new Warlock, Titan, and Hunter subclasses to be included in [a yet to be determined] future Destiny DLC according to a leak made by a Destiny insider. With the arrival of the first Destiny DLC, The Dark Below, right around the corner, many people are speculating about what’s going to be included. We already know there’s going to be a level cap increase to 32, new weapons and gear, a new strike, new story missions, three new crucible maps, and of course, the new raid. However, even though we know these things for certain, Bungie is being very hush-hush about the exact details. Could this information be accurate? Lets take a look and see if it stacks up with what we know of Destiny already.

First up, the Arc Thrower. This is the supposed new Warlock subclass that will deal entirely with arc damage. When you see that Super Charged emblem come up for the first time while playing your new Arc Thrower, be prepared to unleash Jupiter’s Storm. Jupiter’s Storm will allow the Warlock to create a ball of lightning roughly the size of a servitor and will shoot any enemy player that comes within range. Upgrades to this will include greater range, chain lightning [why yes, Bungie, I would love to be Emperor Palpatine, thank you], and the ability to spawn the orb further from yourself. The speculative new grenades to be included are one that will have a detonator [like c4], one that will replenish a player’s health, and one that will create an electrical fence. This new subclass will further the Warlock’s ability to crowd control [and cause Star Wars: Battlefront-like Jedi havoc].

Next up is the Titan’s new subclass, the Crusader. As a Crusader, you will be able to punish any player who tries to get close to you by discharging your new super, Purge. This ability allows you to shoot a beam of light out of you chest, purging (haha get it) any guardians in front of you from their pitiful existence. After you obliterate enough enemiesyou will eventually be able to increase the size of the beam, make the beam shoot out of both your front and back, and shoot the beam through walls [OP?]. As you progress, you will also unlock the three new grenade types, including; one that spawns three smaller grenades, one that drops the grenade behind you as you run, and a grenade that is placed on yourself that explodes outward if you are hit with a melee strike. I pity anyone who tries to get close to a Titan now.

Finally, the Trapper. Are you sick and tired of going into a strike/mission with light switch, having a Thrall run up and one-shot you, causing you to have to do that part all over again? With the Hunter’s new super, Void Well, you’ll never have to worry about this again. Simply drop your “well” in front of you and watch your enemies slow to a crawl, eventually unable to get out at all. Take your time, and enjoy slaughtering countless enemies as they struggle to move. Want a bigger well? Or possibly one that prevents your enemies from using abilities? Don’t worry, with just a little time and some experience later, you can upgrade your ability to include one of these extra perks. Worried that your new grenades wont stack up against your old ones? Have no fear, you’ll be able to choose from three new void grenades including; a sticky, bolas that slow your target but do little damage, or caltrops that come in large quantities and are very hard to see. This seems like the only Hunter super that wouldn’t piss me off in the Crucible, not that anyone will use this in PvP…ever. [I actually beg to differ. Run into an enemy-occupied zone Rambo-style, throw down your Void Well, and watch as your teammates dissolve your enemies, unable to move or do, well, anything. What’s more annoying than that pesky Bladedancer or that Crucible-dominating Golden Gun? That other hunter. That hunter who won’t allow you to move or even use your damn abilities. That hunter. I see a lot of Void Well/(insert super here) combos coming, and with some solid teamwork, I think it could become a staple amongst top-tier Crucible teams. You can bet Spoon Deep will be one of them. (LOL JK WARLOCKMASTERRACE).]

So, how does this information stack up against what we know about the already-existing Destiny subclasses ,and can we trust it? Well, lets take a look at the six subclasses already in-game. The Warlock has the Voidwalker and the Sunsinger, the Titan has the Striker and the Defender, and the Hunter has the Gunslinger and the Bladedancer. Looking at each a little more carefully, we can see that the Warlock has void/long-range and a solar/support subclasses, the Titan an arc/close-range and a void/support, and the Hunter a solar/long-range and an arc/close-range. In order to keep balance across all classes (and to keep players from complaining that one class is superior to others, even though we all know Warlocks are the best…WARLOCKMASTERRACE) [Good boy Dupie], I’m sure Bungie will release additional subclasses with these types of damage; Warlock – arc/close-range, Titan – solar/long-range, Hunter – void/support. This would complete each trinity and does lend support to the leaked subclasses depicted above. Who knows when we’ll actually know what the new subclasses will be, but until then, keep fighting the Darkness [we beat the Darkness Dupie], and may your light continue to shine! [can we even turn it off?]


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