Trapped on Venus: My First Run Through the Raid

Authored by ThomsonC36 (If you like this maybe he’ll post another one) Editors notes in [brackets]

Entering the fabled Vault of Glass
Entering the fabled Vault of Glass

The Titan [he calls himself the Titan but by the end of this article he gains a much more appropriate nickname] here with a quick update on my first trip through the Raid with Spoon Deep in Pudding. After much anticipation and a long wait (mostly my fault) we ran through the Raid. First impression – Amazing! Yet, being the one guy in the clan who lacked appropriate gear at the time it was challenging.

Not to mention we went in completely blind, not knowing what we were doing. Several hours later swearing, screaming, laughing, and cheering we accomplished the task and defeated the Raid. At the time, I may have provided little support to my fellow clan mates as I was sporting several blue pieces of gear and a lack luster weapon.

So little support that I found myself all alone on Venus. Atheon did me no favors as we approached the conclusion of our epic first quest through the unknown. Most of you know by now that Atheon randomly selects two [sometimes he even selects three] guardians to be sent through a portal of his choice to fight with his Gatekeepers and destroy the hated Oracles. Well this poor sap was one of those unfortunate victims.

Having no idea what we were doing, we battled the unknown challengers and found ourselves victorious on Mars [Technically the Past version of the Vault of Glass, don’t worry Titan common mistake]. Next we were off to Venus. [also known as the Future version of the Vault] Easy right? Not if you dawn the ever so useless blue gear.

I soon found myself deceased on planet Venus waiting for the eternal 30 seconds before my team could revive me. Little did I know, they had just walked through the portal having defeated our enemies. The respawn counter slowly ticked down to one and as I yell for help I watch the portal close in front of my eyes. Forever stuck on Venus…

[At this point our loving Caboose was yelling out for us to revive him as he counted down, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.  Almost as if to be a cruel joke, the portal closed before we could turn back to save him.  I yelled out “Forget about him” and we jumped to the middle platform to exact Time’s Vengeance on Atheon. As the buff ended, we remembered our dear friend still trapped in the past.  Luckily for the Caboose, Mark of the Void soon overtook the fireteam and we wiped… again.  Only for us all to be revived and to try our fate against Atheon again, this time reminding our Caboose to fulfill his own destiny of staying in the back for fear of peril]

However, my misfortune was rewarded by the end of the epic Raid as I acquired two weapons that would boost me to the next level. The Raid Gods granted me the opportunity to wield the mighty Gjallarhorn [How do you pronounce this abomination of vowels and consonants ?!?] and the ever so useful Atheon’s Epilogue. I still find myself that guy who is way behind the rest of the group but hey…..someone has to be the caboose [Literally the perfect nickname for this fella]   I need to find more time to play. Till the next Raid… snack pack at a time. [I prefer two at a time].

Chase aka Caboose

[Thanks again to ThomsonC36 for this post!  We look forward to more adventures in the Vault of Glass and Iron Banner this week, until next time Spoons out]

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