First Impressions on Destiny’s 1.0.3 Update


I live for updates to my favorite games.  Change keeps me coming back for more and I’ll gladly explore every inch to see what things have changed and what stayed the same.  Overall I enjoyed the small changes that 1.0.3 added to Destiny.  Most of the updates were small quality of life fixes, but overall the update shows that Bungie is listening to the players and taking feedback into consideration.  Check out what I enjoyed most from this update after the break.

First things first, Bungie really fixed Iron Banner.  I remember the last Iron Banner felt like no matter which weapon you used, or was used against you, killed much too quickly.  It was like they just lowered the health of every player and did not take levels or upgrades into the picture.  Iron Banner 2.0 changes all of this.  As a level 29 Warlock with a 29 Titan, I have been around the block once or twice, but the feeling of power present in Iron Banner 2.0 made me feel like a god.

I can not speak to what it feels like to be a low level player in the Iron Banner.  Only that I would not want to be anything less than 28 in this playlist.  Last night the Spoon Deep Family played some matches in the Iron Banner playlist and were grouped with a lowly level 23…  Let me tell you that this person was lucky to be with us, they got some free wins.  I say free because this person went at least two rounds without any kills.  Thus the steely demeanor required in the Iron Banner was in full effect; high powered guardians will succeed while low levels will be easy prey.

There was one instance where I felt truly powered.  Running around Rusted Lands, heading from Point C to Point B, I thought I was in for a free cap.  Little to my knowledge I soon felt the whop of steel hit my back again and again.  Someone had seen me and willed to stop my advance into enemy territory.  I quickly spun and pulled up my Vision of Confluence.  Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.  My would be attacker dropped like a half eaten snack pack.  At this point my health was blinking red, so if I had not connected with three head shots I would be the one dropping to the ground.

Bungie listened to complaints from the first Iron Banner.  Complaints that the level difference did not have an impact.  Complaints that losing players would often drop out of games because they did not gain anything for staying. Bungie addressed both of these wholeheartedly.  While I love the new game mode, some other players, like my victim mentioned above will have to wait a few levels before they experience the game mode like I did.

So I like Iron Banner, but that will be gone by the end of the week.  Did the update add any lasting changes?   Voice chat was included, but because Spoon Deep usually communicates through Party Chat, this did not affect me much.  I bought a new shader from the Guardian Outfitter, but then I changed it with one of my shaders from Lord Saladin.  Blind Watch changed its Capture Points locations, and its better! I actually really like this map now, but I still avoid Point A and try to control B and C.  Rahool has not changed a bit, but I suppose we all really love to hate him.  And finally is 10 enough Bounty Slots for me?  No.

I look forward to challenging you to the Iron Banner.

Guardian Out

Jake aka prettyboyplaid

“The scars of our collapse mark the land.  Reminders that all is fragile in the face of time.”


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