Heavy Ammo (and Iron Banner) Inbound!

So you’ve finally mustered up enough courage (and gear) to enter the Crucible. Maybe you’ve been here before. Maybe you haven’t. In my fairly extensive Crucible experience, I’m confident in saying that at least 40% of all Guardians really don’t know what they’re doing (fact: 73.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot). Maybe you’re one I’ve yelled at over these past two months (sorry about that…but with the lack of  in-game voice chat until yesterday, you couldn’t hear me! That’s probably for the best…). Regardless of your gear, your experience, or even your FPS skill, there are multiple ways each and every one of you (and even us here at Spoon Deep) can higher your K/D, score more points, and better help your team secure the win. With Iron Banner 2.0 out today and the promise of 30-light gauntlets and boots, we’re going to see a flock of primarily PvE players enter the Crucible. Our Crucible. Here’s how you can show them what’s up. Don’t tread lightly.

Level 1: Beginner

Destiny sports four different PvP game modes, and I use the word “different” loosely here. What Destiny really has is four different versions of team deathmatch. Each and every Crucible game type revolves around a points system where you gain both team and personal score by killing your enemies. I don’t think any of Clash, Rumble, or Skirmish is misunderstood, as these game modes are all pretty straight forward. Control, however, may not be, only because it’s not what you think it is. Control is like domination or conquest from other games, except that you don’t gain points from holding zones. Then how do you win? By killing the other team, same as always. The only thing separating control from clash is the amount of points a kill is worth, which varies. Netting a kill while your team holds one zone is worth 100 points, same as clash, but a kill while your team holds all zones is worth 300 points. Simple, right? So why does nobody seem to get it? Because we’re so used to Call of Duty’s domination or Battlefield’s conquest, that’s why. Pouring your heart and soul into defense of a point is great, if the enemy team is assaulting it. But if you’re sitting at point C while the battle takes place around A or B, you’re not doing your team any good. Your team score does not tick up based on how many zones you control, only on how many kills you get. You want to be where the fight is, at all times, helping your team secure kills, because kills is what this game mode is all about (just like all the other ones!). Technically, a team could go the entire game without capping a single zone and not only win, but win 20000 to 0! There’s got to be an achievement for this…

Now, I do think the majority of Crucible players understand this much. What new (and even some veteran) players don’t seem to understand is the maps themselves, and more specifically, why the enemy team is spawning behind you, capping your home zone.

Level 2: Intermediate

First of all, DON’T GO FOR THE THREE-CAP. Seriously, don’t do this. When your team holds say, zones A and B, please, for the love of whomever you wish, don’t go for zone C. Two is plenty. When you and your oh so noble self goes and back-caps their home zone at C (because why not, it’s open and a free cap!), the enemy team will no longer spawn in that area because well, you’re there. So instead, they will start spawning on the other side of the map, near A. YOUR side of the map. Sure, good teams might be able to pull off a three cap, but most are made up of random players, and random players cannot pull off the kind of communication required to pull this off. So do yourself (and your team) a favor, and just defend the zones you have. If you only have one zone, by all means go for B.

Level 3: Advanced

Now, what I’ve already said is enough for most players to better their PvP game. However, bettering it even further requires knowledge of each and every map. This is because, sometimes, when you hold zones B and C on say, Firebase Delphi, you need to do everything in your power to cap A. Why? Because this map (and most others) are horribly one-sided. Holding zones A and B on Firebase Delphi is multitudes easier than holding zones B and C. From zone B and the hallways around it, you can easily defend against attackers from C, as the main route from C to B is through an open window landing you in a perfect choke point for the enemy team. Other maps suffer from this plague as well. However, Bungie does seem to be working on this, as yesterday’s patch rolled out a complete overhaul to Control on Blind Watch, which was arguably the most unbalanced map of the lot. They moved zones, added cover objects, and changed shooting lanes (More coming later this week in our Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Destiny PvP Guide).

So if you find yourself playing Control and your team holds the odd zone out on any map, again, push for the enemy’s home zone. Hell, if you’re on Shores of Time (my favorite map) and you see a dumbass enemy hunter (WARLOCKMASTERRACE) skipping over all tra la la to get the free cap on zone A, which your team controls, let him. That’s right, let him have it. Then just saunter yourself over to C, where your team is now spawning, get the near free cap, ???, and profit, as the game is now heavily imbalanced in your favor. Even if you frequent the Crucible fairly regularly, you may not know some of the optimal strategies for each map. So, in light of this week’s release of Iron Banner 2.0, I’ll be rolling out daily installments of Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Destiny PvP Strategy Guide, covering each and every PvP map in turn. I’ll detail how the team here plays, why it works for us, and why it might work for you too.

Obviously, having even 3 people, as we usually do, playing together and communicating is ideal and nets us a lot more wins. Jake, Dupie, and I play salvage every time it’s up (i.e. never) and I think our record is somewhere along the lines of 60-4 (Pics or it didn’t happen). But it pays to communicate. That’s why I’m very excited about Destiny’s new in-game chat system released in yesterday’s patch. Sure, there are going to be some toxic players, set out with their life mission of ruining the experience for everyone else, but given the quality of Destiny’s community thus far, I think the good will outweigh the bad and will lead us to some even greater gameplay. See you in the line of fire, Guardians.

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for Jake’s installments of Spoon Deep in Wishes – Destiny PvP Wish List! Bungie, whilst typically masters of online multiplayer (i.e. Halo), has left a lot to be wanted in their PvP gameplay this time around. If you’re anything like us, you want more, and you want it now.

Mangos out.

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