In Anticipation of The Dark Below – Destiny DLC

Fellow Guardians (and all you other regular folk),

Mangos here, and before I introduce myself, let me introduce us. Spoon Deep Gaming. Rising out of the bottom of a cleaned out Snack Pack, we set out to take the world (and most of the inner solar system) by storm with spoons in our hands and pudding in our stomachs. But we here at Spoon Deep have more in common than the simple enjoyment of pudding and…spoons, one of these things being our nightly pursuit of honor, glory, and sweet, sweet justice for our “friend” Rahool in Bungie’s Destiny. Now, all of us are levels 26 or above, so naturally, we’ve explored our beloved MMOFPS quite extensively. It wasn’t until somewhat recently, however, that we took our talents to Venus and finally entered the fabled Vault of Glass. Now, I may not know all of the secrets kept hidden deep within Destiny’s first and only raid, but I do know this: there are more of them.

Or so says pretty much every member of the Destiny community. If you scroll through even one page of Destiny’s subreddit (linked here), you’ll be sure to stumble across at least one new theory regarding the Vault of Glass (VoG) and the possibility of even more treasure hidden inside. To date, we Guardians have discovered 5 chests within the vault, and you can bet your Dinklebot there’s rumor of more. But why are we so obsessed with discovering Bungie’s secrets? Well, here’s what I think.

Bungie is known for its exceedingly hard to figure out in-game secrets. “I would have been your daddy, but your dog beat me over the fence!” If you’ve ever played any of the Halo series, this should sound familiar. Thanks Sergeant Johnson… But more than a you-were-fathered-by-a-dog joke, this line serves as the basis for the legendary IWHBYD skull appearing in both Halo 2 and Halo 3. By far the hardest skull to both find and obtain in Halo 2, it could very well have never even been discovered in Halo 3. Ever. Luckily for us, Good Guy Hacker saved the day by delving into the games’ source code and deciphering some hex (or so it’s rumored). Demonstration and some sweet music below.

For those of you without enough internets to watch the video (or for you other lazy bastards), only by jumping through a set of large rings in a very precise order during the last story mission in Halo 3 can this skull be unlocked and well, this is exactly the kind of crazy scheme the Destiny community is expecting from Bungie this time around. Theories disclosing possible locations and mechanisms for unlocking further raid chests abound amongst the Bungie forums and Destiny subreddit, but here are a few of my favorites.

Theory #1: The first (and arguably the best) theory has to do with the scoreboard (IS THAT NOT A SCOREBOARD?). Yes, that is a scoreboard. Bungie has provided us raiders with some very specific information visible each and every time we wipe as a group. For example, wiping during the Templar boss fight reveals not only each player’s total number of kills, but also a counter to keep track of the number of times the Templar teleported during your fight. Okay, so what? Well, when the VoG was first introduced a few months ago, we could only find 4 chests (yes I’m counting the spirit bloom chest). However, we’ve now discovered that killing the Templar whilst holding the ‘Templar teleports’ stat to 0 reveals a 5th! Not only that, but this chest appears in a location about three-quarters the way down the secret, hidden path to the Gorgon’s Labyrinth behind some rocks and requires you to crouch your way through a small crevice in the wall to get to. Seriously how did we find this… Well, each and every boss fight in the VoG has a scoreboard like this, keeping track of various aspects of each fight; things like supplicant kills and time’s vengeances during Atheon and times detected in the Gorgon’s Labyrinth.  In fact, we know that being spotted by a Gorgon automatically closes the path to one of the chests hidden within the Labyrinth. It’s more than plausible that meeting certain conditions will spawn more chests. It’s just up to us to find them.

Theory #2: Now that we know how we might unlock further raid chests, these efforts will yield fruitless gearless if we can’t actually find the chests we unlocked! That’s where the Vault’s alternate paths come into play. It’s well known that there is more than one path to each main section of the Vault, these sections being the Templar, the Gorgon’s Labyrinth, and Atheon. There are in fact two (as discovered thus far) paths to each of these areas. One of these is the straight forward path you’ve likely taken every single time you’ve ever done the raid, you conventional Puritan, but the other ones remain a well-kept Vault secret for most. The most well-known of these alternate paths is one from the Templar to the Gorgon’s Labyrinth. Defeating the Templar opens up a big door right below its initial location, begging us to press onward, but those willing to do a bit of exploring will soon discover a previously closed hidden door on the left side of the room (the one that leads to the spirit bloom chest and eventually to the 5th aforementioned raid chest). But there are more, alternate paths leading both to the Templar and to Atheon himself. My favorite is found near the beginning of the raid and the first raid chest, where an alternate path to the Templar leads first to a large vegetated room reminiscent of my favorite forest temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

For a AAA company like Bungie, deadlines are crucial and always air-tight. Why waste valuable time to develop these alternate areas and routes if they contain nothing of value? Well, value is in the eye of the beholder, but that’s exactly what the Destiny’s community is thinking.

With the Dark Below DLC looming over us (less than a month away!) the push to hit 30 is becoming more of a race than ever. Guardians are gearing up to gear up in time to take down Crota and his almighty sword, and more raid chests means more chances at getting the gear and weapons you need to be ready. As for me, I couldn’t care less about hitting 30 before The Dark Below hits. The new raid will be starting at level 28, so what I do care about maxing out now? My time will come, as will yours, my level 20-something brethren (go away 30s). I’m just itching to know what else lives in the Vault. I want to explore its depths. I want to discover its secrets…

…and I want your help. What killer conspiracies have you come up with? Leave a comment below, tell us your tale, and if your theory seems plausible, I’ll gather up the Spoon Deep team for a Vault run to test it out. Not for loot, but for gaming. Gaming as an end in itself.

Signing off.

2 thoughts on “In Anticipation of The Dark Below – Destiny DLC

  1. Woah.. What if we kill Atheon without using times vengeance. How has no one done that yet? That seems like the way to get an extra chest to me.

  2. Ever heard of every group who cheesed Atheon ever? They did that. That’s not to say they didn’t spawn another chest though, they very well could have. We just haven’t found it yet.

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