Xbox One Dashboard Walkthrough

The video above speaks for itself, but I just wanted to comment on the value of the Kinect.  At the moment it doesn’t seem like there are any killer games that make full functionality of the Kinect and that okay, almost a good thing.  From what I have seen the Kinect is looking to be an extension of the console, so for example Dead Rising 3 uses the Kinect to notice when you are shaking the controller.  More importantly though, the Kinect’s voice recognition does away with clunky menus.  Switching apps becomes seemless, and performing complicated functions that would require a dedicated button, now become as easy as speaking the command.  I’m glad there are no “Kinect games” anymore, they weren’t great.  The best part of the whole thing? Kinect is included in every box, so developers are encouraged to include even small Kinect features, we no longer have have to justify included the Kinect by making a game around it, developers can make the game they want and fit Kinect where it fits if at all.

Still, as a TV owner, I’m most excited about always being connected to my friends list, even while watching the tube.


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