Goodbye WordPress

Goodbye wordpress,  at least for now.  I have really enjoyed creating a lot of really imaginative articles about video games with you over the past few weeks. However, after the initial hype train took off, viewership on this blog has fallen to almost record lows. Maybe none of you will even see this.

I just don’t think wordpress has a large audience looking for video game related posts.  Oh well.  I will for the future move my musings and postings over to under the heading of fly pro’s blog. Go ahead check it out.  I may move some of my postings from this sight over there so you may see duplicate posts.  Too bad.

As a last note, I really hope you like the new banner! Its also on dtoid, but I really think it captures my essence (especially the trex.)

Best in the future endeavors,

Stay Fly,

fly pro

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