On Fly Pro and Speed Runs

I realized that I never truly introduced myself on this blog when I started, so here goes. My gamertag on xbox and most of the online networks is FLY PRO. I was originally interesting in being the leader of a clan I called FLY PRODUCTIONS (you may have heard of it (or not)) and my gamertag was derived from that clan. FLY PRODUCTIONS was focused on playing CHROMEHOUNDS, CALL OF DUTY 2, and FAR CRY: INSTINCTS PREDATOR, I feel like I am showing my age by listing these games off. The clan actually put together a few doubles tournaments on COD 2 and enlisted a pretty unsuccessful run on gamebattles.com, before it was absorbed into the MLG. The clan is no longer active, although, thoughts of a resurrection are always on my mind if I can find a few loyal members.

As for myself, my name hasn’t also been FLY PRO. When I first joined XBOX LIVE in 2002 my name was LABMASTER, but I quickly changed it to NetsShooter24. After that there was a brief time when I was banned from HALO 2 that I changed my name to EDIBLEDOC and then with the release of the XBOX 360 I changed my name to FLY PRO. I have thought of changing my name to EDIBLEDOC recently in order to distance myself from FLY PRODUCTIONS and begin a new clan, but the name has grown on me and my presence on many websites is marked as FLY PRO.

Some highlights of my gaming career are currently being ranked 3rd in the world on the CLONING CLYDE leaderboards, and when the game first launched being ranked first. I spent long nights playing online against the best of the best in order to achieve this feat. I was featured in an issue of OXM for completing all of the ‘achievements’ that were on the demo disks for a year or so. And my most recent accomplishment was reaching a perfect 1000/1000 in achievements in HALO 4, although 343i just released more achievements as part of the CRIMSON MAP PACK so getting those is my next goal.

Justification for this blog stems from my recent interest in professional competition among games and speed running games. Speen running games as been an interest of mine for quite some time now. Currently, I am a track and field athlete on a DIII collegiate team, so I am no stranger to competing to obtain the fastest time. After a while it can get pretty addicting as you begin to see your time drop of dramatically as you improve. I was actually pretty unaware of the speed running community until I came across Speed Runs Live, which serves as a hub for members of the community who wish to stream speed runs live using Twitch.tv as a hosting platform.

I believe that speed running games has the potential to dramatically increase the replay value for games and the hunt for the best time has really drawn me in. I am not sure which game I want to speed run yet, but I hope to use this blog as a way for me to keep track of videos and personal best runs. I hope to eventually become a regular streamer on twitch.tv because I think I am a people person and love communicating on forums and in front of a crowd. Playing video games in front of other people just seems so natural to me and I actually think I can entertain others so why should I deny others of this enjoyment.

Before I can do any of this I plan to get a PC capable of high quality gaming (right now I have a MacBook Pro) and get a capture card for the XBOX. At the very least I think that my commentary while playing games will be quite fun to do.

Until then, I will post videos to the blog that I find funny and relevant to the world of video games.

Any feedback would be extremely appreciated.

See you on the battlefield

– fly pro

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