The VGA’s and You

Did you watch the VGA’s on Spike on December 8? If not you can watch it here

I didn’t and what does that say about gamers?  In my view the VGA’s are the video game industry’s way of trying to become even more mainstream.  But the fact that a network would even go for such a lavish event in the first place shows that video games are already in the mainstream. If you mention and Xbox (or especially a Wii) people know what you are talking about, they might think you are a nerd or something like that but don’t let that deter you from enjoying the best hobby out there.

But what does the fact that I did not watch the VGA’s mean?

Don’t get me wrong, I really did intend to watch them, but what would I rather do than watch someone talk about video games?  Play video games.  Friday night is a great night to get together with a lot of my friends on Xbox Live and I don’t want to miss that to watch an awards show when I can just read the news tomorrow.

Everyone talks about the VGA’s being really important to maintain the validity of our entertainment hobby, among movies, television and music.  They have the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys and we have the VGA’s.  And if we the gamers don’t watch them, then doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having the awards ceremony in the first place and solidifying our place among the high standards of the entertainment industry.   Wait… wasn’t the whole point of being a gamer kind of like a unique hobby.  We don’t care what the rest of the world thinks and that what makes it great.

In any case, I was never going to watch the VGA’s when they premiered, even if there were some cool announcements.  I just don’t view them as that important in the culture of my hobby, I already know what my game of the year is.  And if I want to know what games win, then the next morning will have all the answers.  Granted I do like to watch the big three press conferences at E3 but who doesn’t? There are sooooo many announcements its hard to keep track, and it sets the stage for the next year of gaming.

In the end, I do like the idea of the VGA’s.  I’ll even watch them online at some point.  But we as gamers do not need to be like the rest of the entertainment industry and have a big mainstream award ceremony.  We are what we are, and we really don’t need to change just to seem valid in the eyes of consumerism.  That said, Walking Dead as GOTY? Its Halo 4 for me.


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