MOBA’s as a Spectator Sport (League of Legends)

League of Legends Top 5 Plays Week 107 – YouTube.

I just thought all of you out there who are trying out GOME (Guardians of Middle-Earth) after my last post might like to see some actual gameplay from a pc MOBA like League of Legends, one of the top broadcasted games on by the way.

Check out after the break for more on MOBA’s as a spectator sport.

Anyways I wanted to take this time to talk about commentary during video games.  After watching a lot of MOBA gameplay I came to the realization that this new genre of game is really best suited for competitive and spectator games.  The main factor here is the overhead camera.

Having the camera overhead makes it easy for spectators to see the action, as the camera can quickly zoom around the map in order to follow the action.  This is similar to an RTS like StarCraft, but whenever I watch StarCraft I am always so confused about what is going on.  I realize that there are bases and troop units that can be built, but because I don’t see any of the menus in the broadcast I am still confused about how the game works. If you can tell I have never played Starcraft before.

MOBA’s offer a different type of experience as they focus on a single hero or guardian as is the case with GOME.  This way even if I have never played the game I can still get a better idea of how its played from watching the videos and listening to the commentary.  I do also realized that this is further complicated by the LOL shopkeeper and that you can buy and compare items, (something GOME doesn’t have).  But the purest activity to watch is the gameplay and MOBA’s are much more focused on gameplay.  Combine that with the overhead camera make for a very enjoyable watching experience.

Personally, I would like to see more MOBA’s in the spotlight in competitive gaming.

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