Guardians of Middle-Earth: Review: A Fly Blog Summary

*Update this game is different than Halo*

Back again with another Fly Blog review of a review. This time its the first true MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game for home consoles. I have only gotten a chance to play the trial version for about a half hour, but the gameplay and the universe hooked me right away. I am a huge LOTR fan! Check out quotes from Machinima’s review after the break or watch the video above for the full review. The game is out now for 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

While review scores are not the only thing that matters about a game, it should be noted that this review scored the game a 9/10.

The following is quoted from the original / Inside Gaming Blog review by Justin Fassino posted on December 5, 2012:

“If you’re new to the genre, think of a MOBA as a multiplayer real-time strategy game where you control only one character on a team of five. Together with your teammates, you’ll try and push your way across the map by assisting your AI controlled soldiers that spawn on a timer in your base and march towards the enemy base, with the ultimate goal being to either destroy the enemy base, or have the most points when time runs out.

Because matches are not persistent, everyone will be starting at level one every time they play, meaning each match is an exercise in leveling up your chosen character to max strength to best suit the changing conditions of the battlefield, which not only lends replayability, but is also satisfying in itself (mostly because humans just love watching numbers get bigger as a consequence of action). As you level, you’ll also be able to upgrade your team’s towers and AI soldiers to be more powerful and hopefully help you win.

I can’t stress enough how much thought seems to have gone in to the design of the titular guardians; Monolith’s meticulous care with the gameplay shows through with each and every one. And while some are easy to pick up and play (like Beregond, Gondorian soldier), others require extreme technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics (like War in the North villain Agandaur).GOME is both incredibly fun to pick up and play, but reveals itself to be incredibly deep the more time you spend with it, peeling back layers and layers of complexity.

I am really impressed with GOME, AI issues notwithstanding. As a gateway to MOBAs, this game hooked me in a way I did not expect. It’s got that immediate gratification spirit to it, where I finish a match and immediately want to jump into another. The texture of The Lord of the Rings is represented beautifully in the gorgeous visuals and diverse, detailed character roster. The depth of the game reveals itself slowly through multiple plays, and if you’re the type of gamer that likes to master game systems, Guardians will have you locked in for a long time.”

The game looks great, I might put up some of my own impressions once I spend a little bit more time with it.

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