Far Cry 3: The Kotaku Review: A FLY BLOG Summary

Kotaku reviewed Far Cry 3 last week and as the game is set to release on Dec 4, I thought I would take some of the best quotes from the review and post them here for a quicker read.

You can check out the full review on Kotaku here. or click past the break to check out a few quotes from the full review.

“Far Cry 3 is an open-world shooter through and through. The setup is simple: You’re set loose on a massive island in the south pacific and tasked with gradually conquering it, one dead pirate/tiger/shark at a time. Here’s a gun. Have fun.

The single-player campaign also contains a welcome amount of variety—a series of tomb-exploration missions in the middle play out like first-person Uncharted, and a number of hallucinated drug sequences are creative, pure goofy fun. The story missions are best thought of as a garnish, a way to break up all the sneaking, shooting, and exploring you’ll be doing in between them.

Talk to ten people, and you’ll get ten different highlight reels of their time on the island. Shark hunting off the northern coast, fleeing from a collapsing Chinese ruin, zip-lining from the top of a rickety radio tower, or demolishing an enemy encampment with a ton of strategically placed C4. The one constant is that island, gorgeous and deadly, sprawling out before you. Running along the top of an open ridge, the sun setting in the distance, feeling for all the world like an extra on LOST… it’s something that has yet to get old for me, even after around 30 hours with the game.

I also had a tough time scheduling sessions to test out the competitive multiplayer. I played a few rounds of both “firestorm” and “transmission” modes, both of which are riffs on capture-and-defend. They worked fine, though in general they felt sluggish when compared with bothFar Cry 3‘s single-player and with other popular first-person shooters like Borderlands 2 andBlack Ops II. A lot of that could just be tied to my low-level character, though. So, the jury’s out, and at this point, two weeks in advance of the game’s release, it’s just too early to say whether the multiplayer is any good. My sense? That it’s fine, and that it’ll find some longevity in the fantastic map-editor, but that it won’t attract a huge multiplayer following. Far Cry 3 is a single-player game at heart. I’ll play more multiplayer once the game is out, and will update this review after that.”

Words by Kirk Hamilton

In my opinion I am most excited to try out the map editor, well not so much to make maps on my own, but to see what other people make.  The maps in the original Far Cry were by far my favorite and I had a blast playing some of the custom games that came out of the map editor.  I hope the game develops a good community for map editing and sharing, I might just pick this game up.

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