Review of Tranzit: Call of Duty BLOPS II

The Call of Duty Treyarch games have become known for their inclusions of zombies.  Its kind of a fun playlist to have and mostly just fan service at this point because its nothing new and in my opinion doesn’t have as much lifetime as the multiplayer offerings.  Nevertheless, I am never one to ignore a playlist and today I tried out the new Tranzit mode in Call of Duty Black Ops II.

I’ll start out by saying that I did enjoy myself playing the mode.  However, I don’t have much praise for this mode overall.  Firstly, the mode is extremely confusing.  When starting out you spawn in a run down bus station with all the doors closed and zombies all around you.  My first instinct was to just start killing all the zombies, but as the friend I was playing with pointed out the goal is actually to gather parts and build stuff.  I never really got the hang of this throughout the many play throughs.  I kept finding myself looking around the world for parts that I couldn’t find and they never seemed to spawn in the same place except for the starting area.

After building a kind of power generator out of a fan blade and some other parts, you can open doors.  I have no idea what the connection between this machine and opening doors is but in the game it works.  There are also unexplained zombies running amok so I guess I shouldn’t question it.  Outside the bus station you can get on a bus, you guessed it!, and this will take you to the next area.  At this area you continue to look for mysterious parts until the bus honks its horn, then you get on the bus to the next area and continue the process.

Just a side note: why is the ground on fire? This was the most annoying part.  I kept catching my character on fire, this didn’t kill me but it was a jarring experience.

All in all I thought the mode was too confusing to be a great experience.  Everyone I talked to used online guides in order to progress farther along.  The mode itself should have a little more structure in order to teach the player the mechanics of building objects and collecting parts, if nothing else.

Would I play it again? Yes. But only if my friends wanted to play and no one else was on.  The most fun I had was laughing and talking with the members of my xbox live party.  But I can also do that in COD multiplayer and in that mode I at least have a slightly better idea of whats going on.

Overall Impression: BAD


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