My Halo 4 Loadout

I know what you all on the internet want, and I am here to give it to you.

What loadout is FLY PRO using on smaller maps?

My current favorite is the following:

Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle

Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle

Grenade: Frag Grenade

Armor Ability: Jet Pack

Tactical Package: Firepower

Support Upgrade: Dexterity

And there you have it! Keep in mind that this loadout is what I use for mostly smaller maps and for a larger map that has vehicles I swap in the DMR and Plasma Grenades.  However, for CTF and King of the Hill, I really like this loadout because of the versatility that it offers in both long range and close quarters.  If you ever play with me than you will realize that I like to finish off my foes with a quick melee.  Spray the Assault Rifle quick and then go in for an elbow to the face. Whereas most of my teammates prefer to stick em with a headshot.

The only thing that I hear criticisms from is on using Firepower. But the only thing that I would switch it for would be resupply and even then I would still rather have both the assault rifle and the BR, because to me they are worth more than an extra grenade or two.

Anyways, next time FLY PRO kills you, you know what I was using.  See you on the battlefield.

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